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Penta [ USS Jerusalem ] @ December 12th, 2011
I did mean with the collar insignia (bird) instead of the stripes, yes.
James Arnhem [ Arnhem Graphics ] @ December 11th, 2011
i may look into that, you mean with the Bird instead of the stripe. i did contemplate using that for a Khaki version. i did however just revise a new set for the Belgium Navy
Penta [ USS Jerusalem ] @ December 10th, 2011
So you can see where your rank-sets are winding up: I'm using them extensively over at Broadsword, a new sim under construction at . I love what you have currently, and I would be incredibly happy if you ever do a rankset for the US Navy (collar insignia for officers is basically the same as the other services, it'd just be on a...Navy-ish...background, I guess). Thanks for your work!