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Apr 20th, 2015 - 07:33

Imagine if all of the governments of the galaxy were at peace with one another. The Federation, Romulans, and Klingons joining together for the common good. Imagine a planet in that galaxy void of all crime and illness. Imagine for a second that if all of that could be possible that you still wouldn't be safe. In an instant an industrial accident, a natural disaster, all of these things could still occur.

Returning to reality where not everyone is friends and danger already lurks around the corner without the natural disasters and honest accidents they pile on to the chances of chaos becoming a reality to a planet, colony, or even a starbase. When chaos erupts you need someone to turn to who knows how to reign it in and take control of any situation.

In the Ninth Fleet area of responsibility one of the people you’d want on your side is Commander Amber Lowell. A geologist and meteorologist who is extensively educated and experienced in Emergency Management and in command of one of Starfleet’s Emergency Response Vessels.

The USS Skylark a Sunbird class vessel is specially designed to make a fast response to any scene to take charge. The ship while considerably small is a mobile base of operations capable of operating in many atmospheres and in space to manage incidents. It can serve as an evacuation vessel, mobile hospital, or a portable industrial replicator capable of materializing what is needed to mitigate an emergency. In addition to it’s ability to deal with civilian emergencies the ship may also be used as an Emergency Tactical Response Platform as well.

The Skylark is a play by forum simulation now accepting applications for membership. Can you bring order to the chaos?

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