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Jun 7th, 2015 - 11:36
(As you read this ad, imagine the anthem from Top Gun in the background, as the scene fades in over Starfleet personnel standing in ranks at attention. The text is read in a voice-over.)

1000 officers. 3500 enlisted crew. A company of 169 Marines, with the capacity to carry a battalion of over 700 Marines. A small town in space.

(The music remains as the scene cuts to a hangar deck filled with fighters.)

Over 300 fighters. A very well-armed small town in space.

(Cut to the coat of arms of the Jerusalem, which might be described as such: On a blue field, a Lion on its hind legs holding a broadsword facing downward, surmounting a Starfleet Delta in its proper colors which itself surmounts an olive wreath in proper colors, all above a scroll reading "Defensio inter astra", or "Defense among the stars" - all surrounded by the rope border traditional of naval heraldry, the Jerusalem's registry NCC-61658 in gold text below it)

USS Jerusalem is that small town. An Ascension-class carrier in 2392 in Theta Fleet's Task Force 23 (where Romulus continues to exist), what's its mission?

(And now imagine the music shifting to "Through the Fire", also from Top Gun, as the scene fades to black for just an instant.)

Why tell when I can show?

(Cut to scenes of fighters making slingshot launches, and Marines in full combat gear dropping through the atmosphere on Titan-class transports.)


(Cut to a scene of an Ascension-class carrier, 1400 meters long, 522 meters wide, and 166.5 meters high, slicing through space...All lit up by its running lights and being very obvious.)

Diplomacy, as much produced by the presence of a Carrier on sensors as by any words that might be said.

(Cut to a scene of Starfleet crewmembers leaning over consoles, then cut to a scene of a Romulan facing off against a Starfleet interrogator.)

Intelligence gathering - because 300 fighters means 300 extra sets of sensors and 300 extra pairs of eyes at a minimum.

And those are just the starter missions. The stories are practically limitless.

(Fade to a classic view of the skyline of the Old City of Jerusalem, as the music fades out)

If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, may my right hand lose its cunning.

(Fade to black)

USS Jerusalem. Now deploying on shakedown cruise. Join today.

Senior positions being sought:

CAG (Fighter unit CO)
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Security Officer
Chief Combat Operations Officer (Tactical only - separate from Security)
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Counselor
Chief Intelligence Officer

An 18+ sim due to expected graphic depictions of war, combat, violence, and intelligence gathering.

Head by our website ( for more details, including a field by field character generation guide.
Characters in play include:

Commander John Williams, CO USS Jerusalem