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May 6th, 2016 - 20:46
Hey there. I haven't been here long, but I thought I'd open with this. Aside from the (very) small rankset I already submitted, just earlier today, I (sorta) finished some work on a little project.

A decent number of years ago, a fellow on the internet named Tommy Escondido released a charity freeware version of a truetype font called "Modern Vulcan ver 1.1", based on the Golic Common Script portrayed by the website of the Vulcan Language Institute. I recently found the font, which is very old, and has been floating around the internet for ages, however, upon examination of the font, and comparing it with the typology guide shown on the VLI's website, I found a number of flaws with the font that didn't match up with the VLI's official guide. Given that the font itself was already initially released as charity freeware, I took it upon myself to use my freeware font maker/editor to make adjustments to Mr. Escondido's work, so that the font added up to the guidelines shown on the VLI website.

I am currently on version 1.4. Certain glyphs that did not belong were removed. Some glyphs had unnecessary markings, and were edited for improved accuracy. And glyphs that were missing were added. Also, I remapped the font to be more user friendly for easier typing (although I included a readme.txt file providing notes on my mapping, as well as notes on the more traditional letter ordering of the Golic Common Script alphabet as indicated by the VLI). I have not yet added numerical characters, but that is planned for the near future. Possibly ver 1.5. I may also make separate variations of the font for traditional and lowland golic, as well as possibly one featuring the special ligature characters for official/formal documents.

It is important to note that my work is not an adaptation of, or modification of, the work done at . That is a different font entirely, and is not available openly on the internet. It is only available on a developer basis (I do not have it), delivered by e-mail, for those genuinely interested in and dedicated to beta testing and developing that font in question.

The font I have improved upon here is not the "Zun" font from . It is entirely different. Modern Vulcan 1.1 has been floating around the internet as charity freeware for a long time.

In any case, in the spirit of continuing Mr. Escondido's intention for this to be a charity freeware font, I would like to look for avenues to share my improvements upon his work. I am uncertain if sharing of fonts is permitted here, and if it is, how I would go about doing so (e.g.: simply provide a link in the forums?). I don't see any means, as of this time, to upload a simple file for others to download. Is this an option that could be possibly added to the site, or no? In any case, I am fully willing, and desiring, to share this work openly. I even sent my dropbox download link to the VLI's facebook page today, as my gift to them. Let me know if there is any I might legitimately go about sharing this with anyone here who might be interested.


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May 25th, 2016 - 19:18
Hello. Sorry for the delay. Haven't been on the computer a lot the last couple weeks or so.

I had never given thought of something like fonts, given Kuro-RPG is namely a rankset site. Given that the site is not known for fonts, I am not sure this is the ideal place to upload it.

You may have better luck with is Star Trek Minutiae where they have a dedicated font page in their resources section.
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