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Sep 22nd, 2016 - 13:34
Hi folks. So sorry I went poof for a while. Just been swamped with a few things. But I am alive!

I wanted to give a quick update.

When I first joined, I started off by submitting a rankset in the style of the 2410 era Odyssey Class Uniforms from Star Trek Online. However, as much as they seemed to be well received, I am a person who tends to be self critical of my own artistic endeavours. I personally found my own first attempt at said rankset to be somewhat mediocre, and limited in options. That said, I would like to announce that these past few weeks, I have been (and still am) working on a total overhaul and improvement to my previous rankset.

My update will include the following:
- Service uniform collars for Admirals, officers, enlisted/NCO, and Cadets
- Excursion uniform collars for Admirals, officers, enlisted/NCO, and Cadets
- Dress uniform collars for Admirals, officers, and enlisted/NCO (Cadet dress uni collars look the same as service variant)
- Silver and gold rank pips for Admirals, officers, enlisted/NCO, and Specialists (Cadets only wear silver)
- New Enlisted/NCO and Specialist rank pips in the style of the rank images seen in STO's Duty Officer UI.
- More division colours: Red (Command/Tactical/Security), Yellow 1 (Engineering/Ops), Teal (Science/Medical), Black (Intelligence), White (Pilot), Yellow 2 (Temporal Agent), Green 1 (Commando), Green 2 (Strategist).

For the time being, for Pilots and Commandos, I think I may keep to the typical rank pip styles as they are seen in-game, rather than make ones inspired by the more conventional "Marine" and "Air Force" style ones I've seen elsewhere. Reason being, is that this is simply how they are shown in-game. STO uses the same rank pins across all divisions, and the same Naval rank names as well. However, if I receive enough popular demand, I may tuck in some actual "Marine" and "Air Force" rank pin styles as an expansion, either in the same set if demand is reached before I'm finished, or in a later update. If I do, it will be an expansion, rather than a replacement, so Green 1 and White will have both naval, as well as Marine and Air Force style options, rather than one or the other. Do let me know what you think.

Also, just to add, I'll be putting the "Specialist" ranks from the Duty Officer UI on the same collars as the Enlisted/NCO ranks.

Currently, my stage of progress is as follows:
- Admiral service collars: Finished
- Admiral officer excursion collars: Finished (these are essentially the same as officer excursion collars, but use silver Admiral rank pins instead).
- Admiral dress collars: To do (these are the same as officer dress collars, but use gold Admiral rank pins across all Admiral ranks)
- Officer service collars: Finished
- Officer excursion collars: Finished
- Officer dress collars: To do
- Enlisted/NCO/Specialist service collars: Finished
- Enlisted/NCO/Specialist excursion collars: Finished
- Enlisted/NCO/Specialist dress collars: To do
- Cadet service/dress collars: Finished (Cadet service collars and cadet dress collars look the same. Only the lower end of the tunic is different)
- Cadet excursion collars: Finished (Cadet excursion collars have no rank pins)
- Colors finished: Red, Yellow 1, Teal, Black, White, Yellow 2
- Colors to do: Green 1, Green 2
- Rank pins: To do

I'm confident that this new update will be an improvement of some degree over my previous version. Although, that said, I'll still keep my old version posted for those that might want it. For the time being, I'm open to suggestions and ideas to add to this new update project. And when it is finished and uploaded, I am open to constructive critique.

I'll keep working hard. Look forward to an update soon enough.

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Oct 3rd, 2016 - 12:45

At least, my initial draft of Version 2.0 is. And I think I'm quite pleased with it. I've made some changes to some of my previous ideas. I added "Navy Blue" for "MACO", and changed the original "White" for "Pilot" to "Cyan". I also decided to include both Duty Officer Enlisted and Specialist ranks, AND the standard single-pip-with-inlay Enlisted rank as well. I also split the entire collection into three separate zips: "Service", "Excursion", and "Dress". A total of 418 images (116 in Service, 156 in Excursion, and 146 in Dress). You'll notice, aside from using the Duty Officer style ranks, and the Primary+Secondary Specialization colours, which most do not actually appear in-game (except for "Intelligence"/"Black", seen on all of 2 NPCs), that I decided to stick pretty much to the exact uniform code (including the Duty Officer division restrictions). I also included blank collars in case you needed them for something. I may do a more expansive set with wider combination options at a later date.

Feel free to use my new version 2.0 Odyssey rankset. You can find it through my profile. All I request is attribution where it is due. Thank you. Enjoy.
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Oct 24th, 2016 - 06:27
That is good news!
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Apr 29th, 2017 - 08:09
Is there an exact phrasing for the attribution you would like me to use? I ended up using the collars from the set on my website. I don't want to get it wrong.
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May 1st, 2018 - 09:13
ds5_archives @ Apr 29th, 2017 - 08:09 wrote:
Is there an exact phrasing for the attribution you would like me to use? I ended up using the collars from the set on my website. I don't want to get it wrong.

Hi there. I must greatly apologize. I realize this is just over a year late. I strangely received no e-mail notification of your reply on here. In any case, anything basic attribution back to my profile page on this site (kuro-rpg) will do. I feel what's best is to use the standard template provided in the FAQ section of Kuro-rpg's site, but just change to wording to mention my username (but still the kuro-rpg site).

I hope this reaches you. And apologies again.

PS: I've just begun work on a version 3. Time of completion depends on... well... life. LOL. But I'll do my best. Stay tuned.