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Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios
Rated: Teen
Released Year: 2010
- PC ~ Windows Operating System
- Action
- Adventure
  • I have recently brought and completed the Tron Evolution game, on Xbox 360, and this is my review of it.

    Before I begin going into depth about the game I want to say this is just my opinion of it, you are free to agree or disagree with it. Also I won't be going into great detail on the plot since I do not want to spoil the fun :) For more detailed information on the plot etc. please visit the Tron Evolution page.

    To begin my review I will say a small amount about the plot. You begin the game as a newly created Sytem monitor that is tasked with protecting the grid from corruption. The game is set just before the film Tron: Legacy and it tells the story of the rise of C.L.U and the fall of the ISO's. I am not going to go into any more detail since I do not want to spoil all of the fun but I will say that is worth playing.

    The next important topic that I am going to talk about/review it the gameplay and controls of Tron: Evolution. The controls are pretty much the same as any normal 3rd person combat game, attack; melee; jump; run etc, it also has the addition of most of the movement and travel on the Grid is done using Parkour (Free running). In older games, Parkour was a bit of a nightmare since the player didn't have that much control of the character which often lead to a lot of frustrated deaths, Tron still has some of the problems with the lack of control but it is better than say Prince of Persia: The sands of time. Once the player has learned some control of the Parkour, the game does become more interesting as you begin to find new ways across the game and also new ways to fight in combat.

    Throughout the game, but mainly on multiplayer, you will come across levels in which you can use a vehicle. The two playable vehicles in the game are the Light Cycle and the Light Tank, both of which are really fun and have their own good and bad points. The vast majority of Tron is hand-to-hand combat with a few vehicles and cut scenes (Worth watching them) there will be times were the game is frustrating (mainly when your character refuses to go where you want it to and instead it decides to fall to its death) but on a whole the gameplay is good

    The final area's I want to talk about are the graphics of the game and also the music. As with the Tron: Legacy film, the grid is a very visual location with specific focus on light. All of the levels in the game are covered in light sources with breathtaking scenery, whether it be the modern, metallic look of the grid and Tron City or the barren, rugged looks of the Outlands everything is extremely detailed. During the game you will see some familiar sites, I mentioned the Grid but there are some more, and also you will be introduced to some new, interesting places which I am going to keep to myself. The music that accompanies the game is mixed by Daft Punk and it is a mix from the Tron: Legacy film and also some remixed material new to the game. The music helps to build the tension in the game as well as make everything a lot more interesting.

    So that was my sort of lengthy review on Tron; Evolution, it has been my first review so please be nice, I might write some more later. I would recommend you play this game at least once, it was a good challenge for me and it looked great.

    Thanks all

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