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Game Reviews / Silpheed: Super Dogfighter
Publisher: Game Arts / Sierra Online
Rated: Everyone
Released Year: 1986 (Japan) / 1988 (NA)
- PC ~ Disk Operating System
- Shooter / Space Shooter
  • After venturing into outer space due to salvaging an alien ship which crashed on Earth, humanity formed the "United Universe". However, not all of humanity agreed with this organization, and a number of rogue planets stood opposed to them.

    Eventually, a criminal and leader of the "Anti-United Universe" who goes by Xacalite, stole a battleship named Gloire and later stole planetary buster missiles. The United Universe's computer, YGGDRASIL, responded immediately to the problem by dispatching the prototype SA-08 Super Dogfighter, Silpheed, to attack and destroy Gloire.

Number of Reviews: 1
 Rating: 7.1"20 levels, lots of shooting and lots of fun! "

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