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Game Reviews / Parasite Eve II
Publisher: SquareSoft
Rated: Mature
Released Year: 2000
- Sony Playstaion 1
- Horror
- Mature Action
  • Set three years after the incident in New York, Ava Brea is now involved with a section dept. of the FBI called MIST - Mitochondria Investigation and Suppression Team. She, along with her fellow hunters are tasked with ridding the world of the remnants of the Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures which roam the country; the legacy of Eve. An incident in Los Angeles becomes the trigger point to one of most frightening developments in the ongoing war against them.

Number of Reviews: 1
 Rating: 6.15"An attempt to copy Capcom's style of tank controls on fixed backgrounds while adding a few 'very' subtle RPG-ish elements. The sequel is 'very' unlike the original RPG.

I have no doubt I will be referencing the original game a number of times..."

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