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Game Reviews / Castlevania: The Adventure
Publisher: Konami
Rated: Everyone
Released Year: 1989/1990
- Nintendo Gameboy
- Nintendo 3DS
- Platform Adventure
  • "Transylvania, a small country in Europe, is associated even today with a demon's legend. With his powerful evil power, the legacy of Count Dracula has been dreaded by the people. However, no matter how many times Dracula comes back, he never manages to fully change the world into darkness as he is always put away by Simon, a descendant of the Belmont clan.

    However, the devil Dracula has existed long before his first confrontation. Not as the devil Dracula, but as an evil sorcerer. Count Dracula was a fanatical demon worshiper, who built a dark castle at the outskirts of Transylvania and conducted evil rituals every night. He has summoned several demons from the other world to serve him and he himself has been trying to get eternal life by becoming a demon king possessing evil powers.

    With each day, Count Dracula's evil powers became more frightening, as he spread fear and terror to the people of the village. Until one day, a man stood up. It was Christopher, an ancestor of the Belmont family. Christopher rushed to the dark castle. Many demons and traps laid out are waiting for him at the castle. Will he be able to defeat the transformed devil, Count Dracula, as expected?"
    —Official Japanese manual story for Castlevania: The Adventure.

Number of Reviews: 1
 Rating: 4.55"A game with good potential, nearly destroyed by horrendous controls and handling."

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