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Game Reviews / Fear Effect
Publisher: Kronos / Eidos Interactive
Rated: Mature
Released Year: 1999
- Sony Playstaion 1
- Mature Action
  • Enter Tsu-Vachel, Glas and DeCourt, three mercenaries with an opportunity to make some serious money doing their own self-styled rescue mission (In other words, kidnap the hostage for their own use and ransom her for a ton of money). However, things go to hell right from the start as members of their team get captured, their ride gets blown up and other worse things. The game itself is quite mature with a mountain of adult themes, language and other fun things you might want to keep the kiddies away from.

Number of Reviews: 1
 Rating: 7.05"I don't think I have had so many game deaths in a 5-minute period as with this game..."

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