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Game Reviews / Mixed Up Fairy Tales
Publisher: Sierra Online
Rated: Children
Released Year: 1991
- PC ~ Disk Operating System
- Adventure
- Educational
  • Set in a magical storybook, play one of six children who help the Book Wyrm re-assemble a series of fairy tales mixed up by the evil Book End.
 Contributor: Kuro-chan

Overall Rating: 2.55

"This "Really" could have used more polishing..."

Plot / Concept: 3 / 10   

Play as one of six children as you go through the fairy tale storybook and try to re-assemble five different fairy tales.

For a Sierra Adventure game, it was far too simple a concept, even for a children's game. It should have been far more difficult to play to help encourage children to learn more about using their heads to solve puzzles.
Gameplay: 1 / 10   

Horrible. They made Mixed-Up Mother Goose and got that right the first time around. Then they tried to expand on the idea... Big mistake.

A lot of things in the fairy tales themselves were skipped, left out or simply did not make sense, making each part of the story feel choppy, incomplete and poorly executed. To top it off, some dialogue felt very... messed up, and rather laughable.
Controls: 4 / 10   

I am sorry, but for a children's game, some of the action comments (Like "Do") seemed out of place and filled with bad innuendo...
Music: 3 / 10   

I suppose the actual music used in the game was not all that bad, but... Too much of it seemed out of place and did not belong with the serious tone in some places.
Sound Effects: 1 / 10   

Right... Sound effects... Moving on now.
Graphics: 6 / 10   

256-colour reduced matte and painted scenes still look quite decent when handled right. The backgrounds look good, though some of the characters and their animations felt very out of touch and out of place in the game itself. Characters who were worried appeared jolly and playful during critical parts of the game.
Replay Value:
Low-None. Once you played it, the only reason to play it again would be for the nostalgia.

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