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Game Reviews / Final Fantasy 7
Publisher: Square
Rated: Teen
Released Year: 1997
- PC ~ Windows Operating System
- Sony Playstaion 1
- Role-Playing
  • Heralded by many of it's time as "Quite possibly the greatest game ever made". Final Fantasy 7 was Squares first 3d RPG and the game that popularized their series in areas besides Japan. Follow Cloud Strife and his allies on an adventure to save the world.
 Contributor: Kuro-chan

Overall Rating: 7.55

"Of the 3 new Final Fantasy games launched for the PS1 (not counting tactics), this one is probably the best of them."

Plot / Concept: 9 / 10   

The movement and plot of this story was constantly on the go. There was always something to do, somewhere to go, some hole that needed a lot of filling when you were not busy chasing down some crazy psychopath.
Gameplay: 7 / 10   

I feel like I am walking a line between a soft bed and sharp thorns...

Overall, I would say the gameplay was solid. The level system worked, even if it seemed a little easy to level up (IMO). Use of magic was introduced through the "Materia" system which could be chained, comboed and grown into more Materia, offering a potential to expand what you have.

While I do like some mini-games, FF7 had too many. There was a LOT of odds and ends stuff to do which I felt was quite distracting from the main purpose of the main game itself: Chasing and saving the day.
Controls: 8 / 10   

Reasonably intuitive. The "X" and "O" is flipped for the '97 and earlier games for Square, so some may find that a bit confusing at first.
Music: 6 / 10   

I give Final Fantasy 7 credit for taking it's music role very seriously. The game had around 4 CDs worth of music content to play through the game, offering a lot of variety.

What disappointed me with the music was the choice of sound fonts it used the the MIDI system. It came across as sounding a bit square and retro, which I think was the antithesis of the game, which tried to come across as the most advanced style of gaming for it's time. Even it's predecessors (FF5 & 6) sounded more convincing. Even Final Fantasy Tactics which came out not much after FF7 had a MUCH superior sound.
Sound Effects: 7 / 10   

I would say... about what I was expecting. Nothing stood out as really disappointing or exciting.
Graphics: 8 / 10   

Uses a mix of 3D-based polygon graphics, still backgrounds and animated sections. The Polygon stuff did not fit in well with the background work, so it stuck out like a sore thumb and it was easy to tell if they were used as in-game triggers. Fortunately, in the game, a lot of the time the 'triggers' were part of the background or simply highlighted with special in-game arrows.

The makers of this game paid attention to how up-close some of the camera shots would be, so they made sure the combat version of characters were suitably designed.
Replay Value:

Takes a LOT of time to play, so I am not sure I would be in a hurry to get the game going again.

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