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Game Reviews / King's Quest I, AGI Version
Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
Rated: Everyone
Released Year: 1984
- PC ~ Disk Operating System
- Adventure
  • With the Kingdom of Daventry in turmoil, a young knight takes up the quest to retrieve the three treasures needed to save it.
 Contributor: Kuro-chan

Overall Rating: 5.72

"The start of a series. Quite a short adventure for it's time."

Plot / Concept: 5 / 10   

To save the kingdom, you must retrieve the Mirror, Shield and Chest of Gold. To obtain those and bring them back means you will have the crown, win the game and become the new king of Daventry. Sounds simple? Nope. Even though your character is a knight, you start off with next to nothing and must become resourceful to deal with the many problems, tasks and trials ahead of you.
Gameplay: 7 / 10   

To save the kingdom, you must navigate through the local area of Daventry and collect items you need to obtain more items, which are used to obtain even more items. If you are lucky, those are the three special items you need to win the game. For the most part, there is more than one way to solve each quest, though some of them involve more violent and brutal means (though some could argue are more fun). For example: When you come up against a fire-breathing dragon, you can either try to kill it or find a means to deal with it's fire-breathing mouth. Simply disabling it yields more points.

To obtain the most points possible involves taking the most compassionate means possible to win.
Controls: 6 / 10   

Arrow keys to move your character around, function keys for the menu and shortcuts for saving, loading and restoring, plus a few odds and ends. Still, it is necessary to type in your commands as you go. Sometimes that does not work
Music: 4 / 10   

Mostly casual clips timed for the most serious of situations. The Amiga version is able to play more than one note at once. (3 I think), while the PC version is limited to 1 note at a time.
Graphics: 4 / 10   

16 colour, 160 x 200 resolution. While the overall concept looks solid enough, there was not a lot of detail in things like trees, the ground, the water, etc. character proportions were ok, and the monsters were done sufficiently enough. Even with an AGI based engine, it was very possible to come up with far more elaborate designs.
Replay Value:

True fans of the game will no doubt enjoy and appreciate what it has to offer. Speed Runners can easily beat this game in 40 minutes or less.

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