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Publisher: Kemco
Rated: Everyone
Released Year: 1994
- Super Nintendo
- Action
- Adventure
  • Also known as Super Drakkhen and Drakkhen II, this takes place a long time after the first game's events and in the human world, rather than the world of Drakkhen. An apprentice swordsman must rescue his girlfriend that is captured by demonic forces. However, the bad stereotype ends there and a far more complex story unravels.
 Contributor: Kuro-chan

Overall Rating: 7.75

"What that-?! Kemco made a game that does NOT suck?! This one sure slipped through the cracks..."

Plot / Concept: 8 / 10   

The game is a distant follow-up of the original Drakkhen game.

What starts as a VERY lousy stereotype (Lovely lady gets kidnapped and you must spend the rest of the game hunting her down), it drastically becomes more complex and more interesting along the way. There IS a reason for her kidnapping and role you must play which is far above and beyond what you may think it to be.

You get to re-visit story elements of the first game as well, and see how the two connect together.
Gameplay: 8 / 10   

While Dragon View does tie into the 1st game, the gameplay and style is nothing like it's predecessor. It is a very different game, oriented towards action, rather than pure RPG elements.

The gameplay is excellent! Town maneuvering is great and not either cheap or ridiculously slow-paced. The battle material works well, fighting like a platform game, (Think Turtles Arcade, or any old school Sega action game) but dealing with enemies at different levels. So if monsters prove to be far too strong for you to endure, you probably should not be there yet. Kinda like Ys 3 and 6 in that manner. The battle system allows for a couple different weapons, techniques and spells, so there is a right thing to use at the right time, depending on what you are facing.

I probably would have given it higher if the horrible 3-D Mode 7 engine was not used for the 3-D world. It seems to operate even slower than the Drakkhen version, although you can still get from point A to point B in a reasonable amount of time. It also had a nice touch with enemy encounters being visible, so it was physically possible to evade them if you really wanted to.
Controls: 7 / 10   

The response time for the controls are excellent and very tight, allowing you to pull off some interesting stuff when the battles become intense. The rest of the time, the controls simply do what they need to do.

I do find trying to use the map system a little annoying (It seems like A & B buttons do different things, depending on what you are doing in the game).
Music: 7 / 10   

Kemco has never been really good at pumping out an enduring soundtrack. Tracks tend to be very short before they loop. Dragon View's track is similar in that regard, but the quality of music is certainly better than their average.
Sound Effects: 7 / 10   

Sound effects are fine. They sound reasonably convincing, though the generic explosion was a little overused.
Graphics: 9 / 10   

All the character and enemy sprites look great. Where it should animate, does. They even paid attention to little details, like when 2 girls in town are gossiping, they have them animating their hands and arms to make casual gestures too.

The battle sequences are great. Everything about it feels smooth and well animated, like nothing is left out.

The backgrounds are either superb or mediocre, depending on what you are doing. For instance, in battles, they are meant to be mediocre to avoid detracting from the immediate issue, the enemy you are fighting. So in that sense, it does it's job well.

The dungeons, towns, forests and many other places to visit all look outstanding. A great deal of trouble was put into making the graphics looks impressive in those scenes.
Replay Value:
Low-Moderate. The game does take a while to beat and is a lot of fun, it will probably not be one you will pick up again anytime soon after you beat it.

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