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Game Reviews / King's Quest II: Romancing the Throne
Publisher: Sierra Entertainment
Rated: Everyone
Released Year: 1985
- PC ~ Disk Operating System
- Apple / Macintosh
  • A year has passed since the first King's Quest game. King Graham has a vision from the magic mirror, seeing a young maiden trapped in a tower in the land of Kolyma. King Graham sets himself off to find her.
 Contributor: Kuro-chan

Overall Rating: 5.78

"A little bit stronger in terms of quality, but more confusing along the way."

Plot / Concept: 6 / 10   

The game starts off with you on the beach of Kolyma... Without really anything in the way of direction, you set off and stumble ("Stumble" is the key word here, because there isn't really much in the way of direction at all in this game) across a guardian 'door' that passes off hints and opens to more doors as you collect the keys needed to get to where your lady is. As you uncover these hints, plot 'elements' appear in the game and you start to accomplish tasks to collect what you need along the way. There is danger, of course, like just about every King's Quest game, but at least it is consistent.
Gameplay: 6 / 10   

While the basic mechanics are pretty much the same as the first, the lack of direction can make things more confusing and frustrating, making you wonder just where you are supposed to go and what to do. Still, the puzzles are better and more creative, allowing more means to think about 'what' you are supposed to do.
Controls: 6 / 10   

Arrow keys to move your character around, function keys for the menu and shortcuts for saving, loading and restoring, plus a few odds and ends. Still, it is necessary to type in your commands as you go. Even so, while it is a good interpreter, it is far from perfect and expects you type in your commands a certain way for the game to understand 'what' you want to do.
Music: 6 / 10   

At least we actually have some music this time. The predecessor put in barely anything, so you spend most of the game in silence. This game features a bit more 'here and there', so...
Graphics: 4 / 10   

KQ2 suffers from much of the problems of KQ1. The backgrounds were quite uninteresting because they were using means to compress the size of the images they included on the floppy disks at the time, so most stuff was simply 'painted' in, rather than detailed. Sprites were about the same at the first game, so there is next to nothing in the way of improvement.

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