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Game Reviews / Final Fantasy Adventure
Publisher: Squaresoft
Rated: Everyone
Released Year: 1991
- Nintendo Gameboy
- Adventure
- Role-Playing
  • Set in a World of Mana, your hero must escape his slavery by Dark Lord and the Glaive Empire. However, you stumble onto a plot that concerns the fate of the world...
 Contributor: Kuro-chan

Overall Rating: 8.2

"One of the "Must Haves" for classic Gameboy."

Plot / Concept: 8 / 10   

For a Gameboy to have plot, character development of the sort, to make you feel like you are important to the end of the story itself it quite a little feat. You start off escaping as a slave, only to get dragged into a scenario with the evil empire wanting power. However, as per the tradition with Mana games, the scenario becomes more intense and worse for the hero and world as you get closer to dealing with the many problems facing you.

One thing that got my attention were the many horrible fates that befell your allies as you played through. Many were injured or crippled beyond recovery. One you are forced to kill. Another you must abandon to a cruel fate while you continue your adventure. One has a habit of being kidnapped. I think only one of them ended up with a happy ending; he got what he wanted and went back to his village to sell stuff. He got the happy ending! :o
Gameplay: 9 / 10   

The gameplay was a bit on the simple side, but it was to the point. It was well-paced and very adventurous on the whole. The menus covered odds and ends where you needed to fine-tune things like what equipment, items and spells you had on hand through your fight.
Controls: 7 / 10   

Being limited in buttons, they saved the important stuff for on the field.

The movements of your character were solid. It was easy enough to carefully navigate your character around, plus use their abilities.

My biggest nit was navigating the menus. Something about them felt a bit slow and clunky. Often I would find myself picking out the wrong item.
Music: 10 / 10   

Not a lot of music, but it was not quirky at all. It was elegant and created all the right moods for the right settings.
Sound Effects: 6 / 10   

The game certainly lacked in any real feel for the sound effects, but still managed to pump out stuff like the interesting 'burning' sound, among others. Weapon sounds worked, and did not come off as cheesy. Some of the spell sounds were a bit annoying, like cure and heal. Sleep worked great, since it sounded like a corny, but properly-placed Lullabye.
Graphics: 8 / 10   

There are classic Gameboy games that produced far better graphics than Final Fantasy Adventure did, but that does not mean it was subpar.

The backgrounds had enough variety so it was not easy to get lost (Except for inside the dungeons). Despite that, you still get a rudimentary map to assist you on your travels.

The sprites were limited in animation, but enemies were not recycled. Many of them were cute-sy, but many looked serious. Nice to see things like animated water, decent weapon animations, etc.

The bosses were big and looked threatening. Good effort on that one.
Replay Value:
Low-Moderate. This game does not offer anything to encourage you to replay it.

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