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Game Reviews / Tetris Attack (GB Edition)
Publisher: Intelligent Systems / Nintendo
Rated: Everyone
Released Year: 1996
- Nintendo Gameboy
- Puzzle
  • It plays nothing like the normal Tetris we love, but Yoshi hosts the game!
 Contributor: Kuro-chan

Overall Rating: 8

"Hooray for Yoshi! It adds an 'adorable factor' to the game! :)"

Gameplay: 9 / 10   

The gameplay is solid and offers many different types of gameplay. You can play special rounds, timed rounds, endless, limited moves rounds. There is enough variety so people can play for long periods.

You play by rotating blocks. As you play, the blocks slide up and new ones are added to the bottom. You get special rewards for creating combos and chains. As you create those, the sliding process stops and you get a chance to catch up and clear off the board as best you can. However, be aware. The sliding process does get faster as you play.
Controls: 9 / 10   

Controls are very sharp and get the job done quickly. I never felt overwhelmed by any issues with trying to move things around, just trying to keep up with the board.
Music: 6 / 10   

Not very impressed with the music, but I find I have a difficult time paying attention, anyway. The puzzle aspect requires serious attention to keep from losing.
Sound Effects: 5 / 10   

Average, since it does not hurt, nor help.
Graphics: 8 / 10   

I like the cartoon-character designs. They turned out very nice for a 4-colour palette. The blocks are very distinct and not confusing.
Replay Value:
High. This is addictive!

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