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Game Reviews / Yoshi
Publisher: Game Freak / Nintendo
Rated: Everyone
Released Year: 1992
- Nintendo Entertainment System
- Nintendo Gameboy
- Puzzle
  • Create many Yoshis by sandwiching a bunch of enemies in-between Shells. The taller you go, the better the Yoshi!
 Contributor: Kuro-chan

Overall Rating: 6.69

"Not the best puzzle game available for the classic 8-bit era, but it is not bad!"

Gameplay: 7 / 10   

So you have a limited board of 4 rows. Each row you can collect 'bad guy' cards that clear if you double them up. Ultimately, the objective is to score as many Yoshis as you can. You do this by lining up a top and a bottom shell together. As you do this, you form a Yoshi. However, if you stack monsters in the shells, you score bigger Yoshis and more points along the way.

What complicates it as with higher levels, the rate at which enemies and shells drop goes up like crazy, and sometimes you get more than 2 dropping as well, complicating if you are trying to go for top-level Yoshis.
Controls: 8 / 10   

Controls respond very well, given how tight the gameplay can be at times.
Music: 5 / 10   

Only the "Star" music gave the game any feeling. The other musics felt.. a bit on the dead side.
Sound Effects: 6 / 10   

The synthesized Yoshi for the Gameboy is a nice touch.
Graphics: 6 / 10   

Easy to tell what Yoshi you end up with, and using little baddies for the cards makes them easy to see.
Replay Value:
Moderate. It is one I pick up once in a while to play again.

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