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Publisher: Nintendo, Retro Studios
Rated: Teen
Released Year: 2004
- Nintendo Gamecube
- Nintendo Wii
- First-Person Adventure
  • Answering the distress call of a Galactic Federation Marine Squadron team who crash-landed on a distant planet, Samus arrives, only to ascertain that there were no survivors. However, her situation was complicated when she was attacked by an aggressive alien species not native to the planet (The Ing), and was subsequently was drawn into a greater conflict of light-versus-darkness that involved the fate of the entire planet.
 Contributor: Kuro-chan

Overall Rating: 7.7

"An excellent continuation of the series."

Plot / Concept: 8 / 10   

The storyline is big and bad. You are stranded on Aether while responding to a distress call from a bunch of dead people, then you find yourself being a one-lady army fighting against a ton of shadowy ing-like beings called the Ing... and you know they are sooo going to get their asses kicked. But to top it all off, you get help from the last Luminoth who "guards" his temple, space pirates who were dumb enough to let you break into their facility to steal their Dark Beam and Dark Samus who totally pwns you in fashion design. And, did I mention the game plays very much like MP1 and it's butt-kicking exploration and combat system? My only complaint is they should have renamed this from a FPA to a puzzle game as most of the boss battles are about solving puzzles rather than straight-up combat.
Gameplay: 8 / 10   

Metroid Prime Echoes was certainly a large world to explore... times two. You explored Light Aether which is large, full of enemies... and safe to walk around in. Dark Aether is the anti-life of existence as you know it, where even the atmosphere is corrosive and would damage Samus' shielding upon contact. The game is so large and so long though that it may end up discouraging people wanting to play it for multiple times, adding the fact that it is much more challenging with bosses that can deliver insane amounts of damage in a short time.

Metroid Prime Echoes introduced the first multi-player combat in a Metroid game. Using Samus' abilities, weapons, etc., You and your friends can play Samus and her dopplegangers in a all-out balls fest... Now I see why it is the ladies who have to do the fighting... oi... -_-
Controls: 6 / 10   

The control handling was exactly the same for MP2 as it was for MP1, though it did have one additional move and one that was modified. Still, first-time players will find the "tutorial" part of the game is much less developed for Prime 2 than it was for Prime 1, so this could be a frustrating part of the game, aside from it's difficulty.
Music: 6 / 10   

Unlike MP1, I found the background music to be less enjoyable, even though they did put in a good effort to make it sound good. Most comments I hear tend to favour tracks like Torvus Bog. A lot of the soundtrack end up being dedicated to ambience, which a hit and miss, given what it was used for.
Sound Effects: 9 / 10   

Many of the basic and establish sound effects were copied over from Metroid Prime, which worked to this game's advantage, since those were very good in their own merit. Still, it has it's own effects and they deliver very well.
Graphics: 9 / 10   

While some of the graphics were improved over MP1, I felt the tone and theme of MP2 to be a little darker, more neutral... it did not stand out quite as well as MP1. The dark world was very black, purple and red, which could make figuring out where you were a bit confusing, at times. On it's own, however, it is still a lovely design, a clash of different textures, animations doing their own thing, enemies which move and attack, just so many goodies to look at and enjoy.
Replay Value:
I hope I am not hated for thinking this as average, but I think with the style of the game, there is only so much replay a person can take. People may find the multi-player amusing.

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