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Game Reviews / Metroid Prime: Corruption
Publisher: Nintendo, Retro Studios
Rated: Teen
Released Year: 2007
- Nintendo Wii
- First-Person Adventure
  • War with phazon-based lifeforms has broken out. The Galactic Federation is under attack by the very beings who can seed others with phazon. Such an incident befalls Samus, which is slowly turning her into a Phazon lifeform...
 Contributor: Kuro-chan

Overall Rating: 8.7

"An excellent demonstration of the Wii's capabilities for a serious, First-Person Adventure game!"

Plot / Concept: 9 / 10   

There is a great deal of storyline that you go through, much like the other two games, although instead of having one specific mission, you end up with a number of shorter ones, while going from location to location, giving the game the feel of it being larger than life, even though it probably is not that much bigger than the first game.

So... Space Pirates attack a Galactic Federation fortified installation and try to crash a large phazon meteor into the planet. Thanks to the efforts of Samus, the attack was thwarted, but... Samus was seeded with Phazon and other meteors hit other planets. Despite being slowly turned into a Phazon creature, Samus must press on and destroy these seeds, locate the Space Pirate's main fortress, and finally travel to the source of all Phazon itself, putting an end to the madness, before the madness takes her.
Gameplay: 8 / 10   

A heavy-action game with a good number of puzzles to solve. The puzzles felt less complex than the ones of the earlier games, but a different factor is used instead: Interactivity. Instead of using a game controller, you are flipping, twisting, pulling and other physical actions with your arms to interact with the environment and enemies. The game, overall, is sufficiently long, with plenty of secrets, hidden stuff to find and a large variety of enemies and bosses, all with different tricks to take defeat them.

This is the first Metroid game to make audio dialogue a regular event in-game, rather than just through special cut-scenes. I even liked some of the little details they include, like being able to talk to characters by being close enough to them. They used the same 4 or 5 actors for the voices, but it still ended up feeling like a full ensemble of odds and ends character you could casually chat with.

A couple of drawback I noticed are:
The very linear approach to how the game is played. The item hunting is greatly reduced by maps closer to the end of the game, and if you are good at tracking what you get and what still needs to be picked up, you can ban everything with very few detours, limiting the exploration value of the game.
Like most later on Metroid games, there is a lot of 'hand-holding' along the way, making sure you are given very specific directions on where to go, but even this one seems a bit excessive.
Controls: 10 / 10   

The controls were beyond ideal for this kind of game: You control your direction with where you point on the screen, while you 'move' with the nunchuck. You physically move the nunchuck to perform actions with your grappler while you fire, missile, jump and stuff with the nunchuck. The combination worked beautifully.
Music: 7 / 10   

Better than Prime Echoes' soundtrack, but not quite up to the standards of the 1st Prime game. There are many tracks that were eventful and interesting, including most of the boss music, Bryyo and Skytown.
Sound Effects: 9 / 10   

Whew. Lots of voice acting helped to push this project through. While they voices may not have been the best choices (zing), there was nothing that struck me as 'bad', per say. The effects, monsters, and other stuff worked very well.
Graphics: 10 / 10   

This game was so full of eyecandy: All the different planets and their atmospheres, the structures of Skytown, the nature of Bryyo, the Corrupted nature of Space Pirate-land. Even Phaaze itself had quite the unique (and odd) scenery.

The spaceships felt in place and functional. I like some of the internal details, like the big rail systems used to move fighters around. Things like that added a nice touch to the feel of the game!
Replay Value:

The game offers a lot of scans and three difficulty levels. One of the drawbacks is once you beat it on a save file, it holds onto all your scans, so it limits the purpose of re-playing the game again.

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