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Publisher: Nintendo Software Technology
Rated: Teen
Released Year: 2005/2006
Consoles: Genres:
- Action
- First-Person Adventure
  • Receiving a telepathic call from the distant Alimbic Cluster, Samus and several other bounty hunters travel there to seek out a powerful weapons that could change the face of the galaxy.
 Contributor: Kuro-chan

Overall Rating: 5.3

"Not really my 'cup of tea', but there are worse Metroid titles out there..."

Plot / Concept: 4 / 10   

Fight on planets and space stations... planets and space stations. Defeat bosses that all look the same, act nearly the same and die in almost the same way... then grab their carefully-guarded Octoliths and run through an unusual "Escape" sequence that involves getting back to your ship ASAP so you somehow survive whatever was supposed to happen with no apparent conseqeuences to where you are at the time... Hmm, what else... oh yeah! You will get a chance to slag your fellow hunters who are after the secret of the Alimbic Cluster for their own reasons too. Beyond that, you beat the bad guy, save the day and go home.

Unfortunately, everything that goes on makes it feel more like an optional side-quest than a necessary part of the storyline. Prime Hunters simply does not make a real dent in the in-universe storyline. Granted, it does have it's own storyline, a story of foolishness and arrogance biting themselves in the butt, leaving only ruins as a consequence of their actions
Gameplay: 7 / 10   

Metroid Prime was a large land to explore... but Metroid Prime Hunters does not do much about exploring, or puzzle solving or wanting to visit the world and see how it looks. Metroid Prime Hunters is exclusively about fights. It is about taking your arm cannon and shooting the living Metroid out of your enemies... Wait a minute, what Metroids? There aren't even any Metroids in this game, so does want to explain why it is called Metroid PH and not Samus PH?

The Single-Player campaign is a bit dull. While they tried to mimic the principles and concepts of Metroid Prime 1 & 2, this game lacked the depth those games provided. The scans were anything but easy to find, and while they provided a LOT of information, some of it kinda made the Alimbic look like real morons for even considering something as retarded as they did, plus they seemed to leave behind a full-blown arsenal of dangerous weapons when they all disappeared anyway... Some bits and pieces seemed a bit useless and confusing, but still they DID try to make a storyline that would work.

Sooo... unless you were naturally good with the controls, you were in trouble for the many battles you will encounter. The campaign is a multi-planet and station layout which better serves as a trainer for the real point of Prime Hunters: The multi-player. This is where the game shines... as much as it could. The multi-player system is a decent combat system at least, allowing different hunters to fight on the board, collecting energy, missiles, and weapon systems while doing heavy damage to their opponents. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of 'real' variety between the hunters (I would call the differences between them more trivial than anything)
Controls: 3 / 10   

I hate... I hate... I hate... The use of the DS system was more unique than expected, but I have a hard enough time controlling Samus with the few options available to me. If the control system was designed more like Metroid Prime 1 or 2, I may have given this a higher rating, but to be blunt, the only reason it is not getting a zero is because of the DS system. One advantage is the player can at least customize their controller settings, choosing if they wish to use the stylus pad as part of the action or not.
Music: 4 / 10   

Uhh... What music? Forgive me, but I did not really hear much that would classify as music. A lot of what I heard would better work as ambience. A few rooms in-game did try for something which would pass for real music, but there are no memorable tracks. The boss battle music got annoying fast, too...
Sound Effects: 5 / 10   

As for sound effects, the gun did not sound like it was shooting, though the missile effect was ok... But what WAS that Boost Ball sound effect???
Graphics: 7 / 10   

One of MPH's strong aspects was it's graphics. The Nintendo DS is starting to resemble a portable PS1/N64-style graphics system where 3d-modeling is decent but not as refined as their 128-bit cousins. while the architect was alright, there seemed to be a little bit too much in common between planets / starbases. Also, what was with the limit in enemies? They kept recycling the same enemy designs, giving them different colours and calling them a new opponent. No other Metroid game has recycled monsters quite like MPH has. I am also going to give points to the in-game movies they made as well. They did pull off an "Excellent"-looking Zero Suit Samus, looking MUCH better than the Retro-made Prime games.
Replay Value:
MPH's Multiplayer is where the game survives and makes it quite replayable, not the campaign.

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