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Publisher: Nintendo / Team Ninja
Rated: Teen
Released Year: 2010
- Nintendo Wii
- Adventure
- First-Person Shooter
  • Set shortly after Super Metroid, Samus is drawn to the mysterious Bottle Ship by an unknown distress call she refers to as "Baby's Cry". While exploring the tragedy that befell the ship, she comes across her former Commander from her time in the Galactic Federation and realizes that the many things of her past will connect in ways beyond what she ever imagined in her latest mission.
 Contributor: Kuro-chan

Overall Rating: 2.95

"Forgive my saying so, but this is utter rubbish, at best! At worst, it is something that has well-earned any sense of contempt I could possibly feel for an excuse of a video game."

Plot / Concept: 0 / 10   

I cannot tolerate the nature of this storyline, at all. They took a concept and idea that had been in development for more than 20 years, and did everything they could to ruin it.
- They re-wrote Super Metroid to fit the style of the teaser and the most wonderful opening line spoken in a dull manner, "Why am I still alive" ... huh?
- They destroyed the thrill and surprise of Metroid Fusion by recycling all of it's existing plotlines (space station with a hidden secret), metroid breeding program, hell even Nightmare and threw all of that into this game, for kicks, it seems.
- They destroyed the established backstory for Samus that was presented in clips for Metroid Zero Mission (and Metroid Fusion to an extent) and how she was raised by the Chozo, further supported by the lore from the Metroid Prime series.
- They deliberately ignored all the events of Metroid Prime, treating it like the series did not exist.

So this is treated more like a concept and creative reboot, more than anything else. Samus has indeed been re-written into someone who may appear and act tough, but breaks down easily, way over-monologues, continually re-counts stuff that JUST... FREAKIN... HAPPENED, tries to connect the pieces in a very illogical manner, then dumps it on the audience like that MUST be the absolute truth... *pant pant* and hesitates a lot, rather than be someone is of action, firm and strong. Her dominance and importance had been so greatly reduced in this game to the point her presence makes very little difference. Sure, she killed some monsters and stuff, but the self-destruction would have taken care of that. She was not involved in any of the real plot points in the story.

I think anyone who has played this game will also be aware of the many absurdities that completely trashed what little credibility this story has, including:
- The obsessive concept of maternal instincts... or whatever the hell it is called. They continually rammed the notion of mother and child down the player's throat, it was almost like you were suckling a bottle of milk, rather than playing the game... and naming the space station the "Bottle Ship"?! And shaping it like a baby's bottle?! Sheesh... You know, you could do a drinking game based on how many times you see/hear in the dialogue "Baby" "Bottle Ship" and "Mother". You would be so drunk, you would throw your wiimote at your large TV, and miss...
- Adam, the A**hole! Come on. You make this guy out to be some perfect military mind, yet he does some of the most rash, stupidest things possible...
- "The Deleter". Sounded cool in Japanese language, but in English? Come on... That was such a joke. It implied a double-agent inside the team who fought Samus during an engagement. However, that entire plot line was solved outside the game, not allowing you an opportunity to deal with it yourself.
- Ridley. What an absurd joke. Starts off as a freakin furby, grows up in to a larger birdy which Samus cannot shake off, then in adult mode, Samus reverts to a 5-year-old in the middle of the fight? The same Ridley she already fought off half a dozen times before with absolutely no problems what-so-ever? Thanks a lot for attaching something which is inconsistent, makes no sense, and is rather insulting to the fanbase.
- Adam back-stabbing Samus. Another absurd low point, especially with a Metroid floating right beside Samus without her power suit to protect her. The whole thing came across as unnecessary, a waste of life and just some pitiful attempt to put Samus in her place as nothing more than a subservient to someone else, rather than the independent person she spends most of the story 'claiming' to be, yet acting otherwise.
- Adam taking too long with Samus' Varia Suit authorization. Come on, your little servant is getting roasted alive in a lava zone and you just sit back and let it happen? Especially when she has the means to protect herself in an instant, but cannot because you obsess over having a death grip over everything shes does? Pfft... It's a wonder she did not go AWOL after that...

This score really should be lower, but the rating only goes down to zero. This plot is more anti-plot, than anything.
Gameplay: 3 / 10   

The general game play (when you were given permission to play, instead of being dragged through mentally-damaging movie scenes) was not bad. Movement was okay, aim and control was not bad, though the special abilities could be tough to control and time. Overall, the game play concepts were not bad, but I felt many things were either badly executed, did not work, or were put in to deliberately piss off players.

First off, this 'Metroid' game suffered a drastic re-write about what makes a Metroid game good: They destroyed all forms of exploration by giving full maps that highlighted where all the items could be found. You were very fixed on where you could go during most of the game. If you missed an upgrade or expansion along the way, it could be a very long time before you had another chance to get it. Enemies no longer leave behind important re-charges you could collect. Instead, you rely on save points and you own 'concentrate' system to replenish the little bits of energy and missiles you have. Even by linear-play standards, this was overly excessive...

Authorization and equipment mechanics...? What is the point in having stuff if you will not use it? Missile expansions only give Samus a +1 to missile capacity, barely rewarding any sort of effort in hunting for them.

Execution moves... Seriously, what? Why did this need to be added? Was this put in as some for of compensation for trying to sabotage the character? I found them limited in use, painfully annoying to execute, and a game killer if you could not manage to pull them off during certain battles. Samus is not a ninja. She is a warrior in a power suit.

Pixel hunts... UGH! Unless you have already watched a lets-play for this game, you could end up being stuck for a long time trying to hunt for a very tiny detail on the screen... And it added pretty much nothing to the story or game play, just to complicate it's annoyance.

Too many disappointing and frustrating add-ons ended up devolving a playing system that would have been okay, otherwise...
Controls: 4 / 10   

It is nice they setup the game to use the wiimote for multiple purposes, but something about using only the wiimote and none of the extensions gave the game a strong sense of limitation. You could hold it like an actual classic controller for normal gameplay, hold it forward to the TV for aiming and stuff and hold it up to the ceiling to charge your energy and missiles because the game is too much of a douchebag to let you recover normally.
Music: 3 / 10   

The game did have a beautiful and nice sounding tracks, but there are two big problems: Very little of it and many times it felt like some generic movie-orchestrated nonsense you could have ripped off from any composer's personal collection, making it feel less Metroid and more like some crazy epic movie which this "Game" is NOT supposed to be.
Sound Effects: 3 / 10   

Other M has a ton of voice acting, including have an overkill amount of voicing over and monologue from Samus, almost all of it bad and painful to listen to. The rest of the other sound effects and mood were okay, but the voice acting really drowned out anything else the game was supposed to be doing.
Graphics: 7 / 10   

Other M was a bit of a hit and miss with the graphics. Some areas of the game didn't look too bad, but the graphics (often) did not represent well what certain things were supposed to be. For instance, combat armour looked like plastic costumes, because of the excessive shine used, space ship walls more reminded me of ones found in underground structures...

Overall, the graphics are decent, just a bit out of place.
Replay Value:

After it has been beaten once at 100%, there is hardly much of a reason to even play it again, unless someone is in the mood for such punishment for playing through this game...

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