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Publisher: Nintendo
Rated: Everyone
Released Year: 1986
- Nintendo Entertainment System
- Nintendo Gamecube
- Nintendo Wii
- Nintendo Gameboy Advance
- Adventure
- Platform Adventure
- Puzzle
  • The original Metroid for NES. Play as Samus Aran, the greatest of bounty hunters, while navigating through the treacherous underground depths of the planet Zebeth.
 Contributor: Meeptroid

Overall Rating: 6.8

"A game that revolutionized the gaming industry forever...(hug):#"

Plot / Concept: 6 / 10   

The games plot involves the Space Pirates, and the leaders Ridley and the biomechanical supercomputer, Mother Brain. basic stuff, kill them to save the galaxy, but back in the day this would have been an amazing plot, but nowadays, its quite simple.
Gameplay: 7 / 10   

So, the game play is simple, yet very fun. It has that old NES Nintendo difficulty that many games of its time had. The gameplay is very solid, it feels excellent, and its truely something everyone should experience at least once! There are many different items such as the iconic Screw Attack, and the Varia Suit, which surprisingly derived from the term, Barrier Suit, because of how Japanese changes into English. It also lacks many of the items from later games.
Controls: 7 / 10   

The controls are kinda stiff, yet at the exact same time they are quite fluent, especially for the time. You have a few basic actions, move left or right, jump, shoot and go Maru Mari style (AKA, Morph Ball). There is also a more advanced move where you somersault in the air, but that happens by moving then jumping.
Music: 9 / 10   

The music is simply a masterpiece, enough said, you need to hear them yourself to believe it.
Sound Effects: 5 / 10   

The sounds and audio are quite lacking, but if your playing the Famicom Disk System version of the game, theres alot more to work with, and it sounds quite nice for NES days.
Graphics: 7 / 10   

The graphics are very good for the time, again, gotta see it to truely believe it.
Replay Value:
All in all, this game has alot, and I mean ALOT of replay value, and if you love the classics, its definitely one to try out and keep for a lifetime!

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