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Title Version Comments Size No. of Images No. of Downloads Rating
STO 2410 v2 - Dress
2.0144 x 4014627N/A
Starfleet: Set 3 - Custom Marine Set
110 x 324826N/A
STO 2410 v2 - Excursion
2.0144 x 4015626N/A
Star Trek Discovery
177 x 125626N/A
Bajoran Militia
1.0Excerpt from the former website. 110 x 24725N/A
Gorn Hegemony
1.0Excerpt from the former website. 110 x 241125N/A
Future Imperfect
53 x 503025N/A
Federation Naval Patrol
130 x 40 15 25N/A
Admiral Dress
Starfleet: Set 1 - Specialists
110 x 321624N/A
1914 - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Staff Officers
130 x 401024N/A
T25F: Deep Space Nine-Era (Version 1)
1.5The “older” of T25F’s DS9-sets130 x 2513624N/A
Royal Canadian Navy (Marine royale canadienne)
V22010 Insignia130 x 402524N/A
Royal Netherlands Navy (Koninklijke Marine, KM )
130 X 4016245
23rd Century Naval Klingon Ranks
Deep Space 9, Duty Uniform (Marine)
2.0110 x 333323N/A
Fedhog's British Army Based Starfleet Rankset
Cammo variants were completed with the help of Ar-Kaos.150 x 611323N/A
Space Project Universe: Stellar Alliance (2390)
2.0Black Background130 x 25 pixels2823N/A
Provisional Dress
1.0Excerpt from the former website. 110 x 2467623N/A
Star Wars: Imperial
Version 1This is the Empire's Imperial ranks; they include the code cylinders that you see on the uniforms.120 x 342422N/A