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Title Version Comments Size No. of Images No. of Downloads Rating
Starfleet: Set 3 - Marine Set
110 x 321118N/A
"Enterprise" Set
130 x 404618N/A
Royal Canadian Air Force (Aviation Royale Canadienne )
V2130 x 401818N/A
Final Dress Alternate
3.1Assisted by Kuro, with my ideas117x516018N/A
French - Armée de l´Air - Air Force
V3130 x 40 18185
Forum Test Design
2.0120 x 303017N/A
The Courts of Fae
1.0200 x 551217N/A
Deep Space 9, Duty Uniform
1.0110 x 2623917N/A
Starfleet: Set 1 - Starfleet Dual Specialty
110 x 324817N/A
Colonial Space Forces
130 x 402817N/A
1865 Union Navy Command Set, Shoulder Straps
130 x 4035 17N/A
The Twenty-Fifth Fleet: Enterprise Era
1.5The Legendary T25F-Set with black BG130 x 2512217N/A
Cadet Dress
1.0Excerpt from the former website. 110x2411217N/A
Colonel Expanded-Limited Colors
1.0Excerpt from the former website.110x24917N/A
Marine Extras Duty
1.0Excerpt from the former website.110x243917N/A
Marine Officer Dress
1.0Excerpt from the former website.110x247817N/A
The Next Generation Season 1-2 Rankset 1.1
1.1New version with standardized dimensions.144x4012217N/A
Vatican Swiss Guard Ranks
1.0Enjoy!120 x 40816N/A
1914 - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Rifles
130 x 401016N/A
City Police
1.0Winner of the 2006 Rankset Contest120 x 256015N/A