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Title Version Comments Size No. of Images No. of Downloads Rating
1914 - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Chaplains Corp.
130 x 401012N/A
Pakistan Air Force
130 x 402211N/A
British Police Ranks
Black Ops: Team Engineer
150 x 252110N/A
French - Armée de l´Air - Air Force
130 x 40 2110N/A
Sleeve Stripe Design
1.1Initial Creation - Basic119x519010N/A
Sleeve Design - Complete
1.3This has BOTH the Duty and Dress sets119x5136010N/A
Belgian Marine Component
V2130 X 402210N/A
Black Ops: Team Medic
150 x 25219N/A
Imperial Ranger
1.0My Imperial Ranger rankset9N/A
French Army (Arme de Terre) Rank Set
1.0130 x 40228N/A
French Army (Arme de Terre) Rank Set
2.0130 x 40238N/A
The Twenty-Fifth Fleet: The Motion Picture Era
1.5Kuro-Exclusive (Yay!), black BG136 x 37857N/A
T25F: The Wrath of Gorillakhan
1.5black Background136 x 3710187N/A
"The Motion Picture" Set
130 x 40 38 6N/A
The Lord Of The Rings Beta Test Set
0This set is my very first beta test set.138x38185N/A
Sleeve Design - Duty
1.2This is the full Duty set for my design119x511804N/A
Sleeve Design - Dress
1.2This is the Dress style for my Sleeve ranks119x511804N/A