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This set is based on the newest uniforms and ranks seen in the MMORPG Star Trek Online. As of late 2014, the story line has advanced to 2410, instead of 2409, and the Odyssey-Type uniform, now with new variants, has been implemented as the new Starfleet standard.

Technically, the Odyssey-Type uniform now has four variants; standard, excursion, dress, and long coat (the long coat is for flag officers). However, varied arrangements of other accessories and colours also make room for standard, excursion, and dress variants for enlisted officers, an excursion uniform for cadets (standard and dress cadet variants still use the 2409 academy uniform), an excursion uniform for Combat Medics, and a long coat variant for Chief Medical Officers.

In my first attempt at a rank set, with this set, I've decided to focus on the service and dress variants for flag officers, commissioned officers, and enlisted officers. Additionally, I focused on showing only ranks and departments that are currently seen "in-game" (worn by characters). This includes black (intelligence), red (command/tactical/security), teal (science/medical), and yellow (engineering/operations), and the ranks only ever shown with them. It is my attempt at making a "game-canon" rank set.

Feel free to use this in your forums and sims. All I ask is that Kuro-RPG's disclaimer is used somewhere on your rank pages, and that I be given attribution for this particular set's creation.
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Black, Red, Teal, Yellow Intelligence, Command/Tactical/Security, Science/Medical, Engineering/Operations
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