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~ Kuro-chan

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This set primarily reflects the proper Starfleet Uniform Code guidelines for the Excursion Uniform
variant of the "Odyssey Class" uniform, in the game Star Trek Online, as suggested by the Starfleet
Uniform Code Guide released by Cryptic Studios shortly following the launch of content Season 9.5.

The Excursion Uniform is used as the a durable and protective utility uniform, worn either on
excursions into hazardous situations, and/or by officers aboard ships, stations, and other
establishments, whose general jobs have a high chance of hazard (such as smallcraft pilots,
security officers, soldiers, engineers, mechanics, and paramedics)

In addition, this set also adds new colours corresponding to MACO, as well as to the currently
existing Primary and Secondary Professions as of the Agents of Yesterday expansion.

In finality, this set also features the addition of Enlisted and Specialist rank insignias
reflecting those seen in STO's Duty Officer UI, as well as the standard "single pip with inlay"
variant of the Enlisted rank seen in the tailor UI.
144 x 401567465
Section Colours Divisions Download Rating
Black, Cyan, Green 1, Green 2, Navy, Red, Teal, Yellow 1, Yellow 2Intelligence, Pilot, Commando, Strategist, MACO, Command/Tactical/Security, Science/Medical, Engineering/Operations, Temporal Operative
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Rank Structure
a5: Fleet Admiral
a4: Admiral
a3: Vice Admiral
a2: Rear Admiral, Upper Half
a1: Rear Admiral, Lower Half

o6: Captain
o5: Commander
o4: Lieutenant Commander
o3: Lieutenant
o2: Lieutenant, Junior Grade
o1: Ensign

===ENLISTED/NCO (Type 1: Character Style)===
e0: All Enlisted/NCO Ranks

===ENLISTED/NCO (Type 2: Duty Officer Style)===
e4: Master Chief Petty Officer (Eng/Ops only)
e3: Chief Petty Officer (Eng/Ops only)
e2: Petty Officer (Eng/Ops only)
e1: Crewman (All Divisions)

===SPECIALISTS (Duty Officer Style)===
s3: Senior Chief Specialist (Sci/Med only)
s2: Senior Specialist (Sci/Med only)
s1: Specialist (Sci/Med only)

c0: All Cadet Grades*
(*Blank collars; cadets do not wear rank pins on the excursion uniform variant)

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