Kuro-chan's Ranks
Gaming Ranksets - Integrated Ranks
  • These ranksets consist of a background and pip/slash/stripe/etc. put together into a single image.
  • These files tend to be much larger than their Split Ranks counterparts.
  • These sets work the NOVA 2 project.
  • All images use an alpha channel to create a fade/transparency, unless stated otherwise.
  • These sets are older versions of sets posted on the 'Current' page and are considered obsolete.
Title Comments Year of Release Image Size Count Downloads Rating
Ancient Land of Ys
  • Forum set.
  • 2011136 x 44917N/A
    Metroid, Samus Rankset
  • Animated ".gif"
  • 2006100 x 80158N/A
    Metroid, Samus Rankset
  • Animated ".gif"
  • 2008100 x 80164N/A
    Total Section Ranks:  40  
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