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The following are the ranksets that Kuro-chan of Kuro-RPG has made. The opinions and content expressed in the movies are not related to the founder or users of Kuro-RPG. All content is copyrighted by their respectful owners. The Artist assumes all risks associated with the content and messages used. The user assumes all risks with viewing the available material.

~ Kuro-chan

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There are several 'variants' to the available ranks. Several of them marked with an "-a" and "-b" at the end are either "Okuda" variants or requested designs. While not canon, they were included in case they intend to be used.

This version has "No Trim" along the edges, leaving it a plain strap.
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16 - Aqua, Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, Green, Lavender, Medical Green, Olive, Orange, Red, Teal, Silver, Violet, White, YellowEnlisted, Line Officers, Flag Officers
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Enlisted Ranks
E1 - Able Crewman
E2 - Petty Officer, 2nd-Class
E3 - Petty Officer, 1st-Class
E4 - Chief Petty Officer
E5 - Senior Chief Petty Officer
E6 - Master Chief Petty Officer
Line Officer Ranks
O1 - Ensign
O2 - Lieutenant, Junior Grade
O3 - Lieutenant
O4 - Lieutenant Commander
O5 - Commander
O6 - Captain
O6 - Fleet Captain (O6A)
Flag Officer Ranks
A1 - Commodore
A2 - Rear Admiral
A3 - Vice-Admiral
A4 - Admiral
A5 - Fleet Admiral

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