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The following are the ranksets that Kuro-chan of Kuro-RPG has made. The opinions and content expressed in the movies are not related to the founder or users of Kuro-RPG. All content is copyrighted by their respectful owners. The Artist assumes all risks associated with the content and messages used. The user assumes all risks with viewing the available material.

~ Kuro-chan

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  • There are a fair number of non-canon ranks mixed in with this set.
  • Includes 3 different sets for Warrant Officers.
  • Does not include the Voy/DS9/Late TNG Provisional Ranks, but uses a potential system suggested in one of the earlier TNG episodes.
  • The Fleet Admiral / Warrant 5 / Deputy Director ranks were suggested by Kevin W.

  • Fixed.
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    Cadet Ranks
    C1 - Cadet Freshman
    C2 - Cadet Sophomore
    C3 - Cadet Junior
    C4 - Cadet Senior
    Enlisted Ranks
    E1 - Crewman, 3rd-Class
    E2 - Crewman, 2nd-Class
    E3 - Crewman, 1st-Class
    E4 - Petty Officer, 3rd-Class
    E5 - Petty Officer, 2nd-Class
    E6 - Petty Officer, 1st-Class
    E7 - Chief Petty Officer
    E8 - Senior Chief Petty Officer
    E9 - Master Chief Petty Officer
    E9 - Master Chief Petty Officer of "X" Fleet
    E9 - Master Chief Petty Officer of Starfleet
    E1 - Private E-1
    E2 - Private E-2
    E3 - Private, 1st-Class
    E4 - Specialist
    E4 - Corporal
    E5 - Sergeant
    E6 - Staff Sergeant
    E7 - Gunnery Sergeant
    E8 - Master Sergeant
    E8 - First Sergeant
    E9 - Sergeant Major
    E9 - Sergeant Major of "X" Fleet
    E9 - Sergeant Major of Starfleet
    Warrant Officer Ranks
    W1 - Warrant Officer
    W2 - Chief Warrant Officer, 3rd-Class
    W3 - Chief Warrant Officer, 2nd-Class
    W4 - Chief Warrant Officer, 1st-Class
    W5 - Master Warrant Officer
    Line Officer Ranks
    O1 - Ensign
    O2 - Lieutenant, Junior Grade
    O3 - Lieutenant
    O4 - Lieutenant Commander
    O5 - Commander
    O5 - Executive Commander (O5A)
    O6 - Captain
    O6 - Deputy Director (O6A)
    O6 - Senior Captain (O6B)
    O6 - Fleet Captain (O6C)
    O1 - 2nd Lieutenant
    O2 - 1st Lieutenant
    O3 - Marine Captain
    O4 - Major
    O5 - Lt. Colonel
    O6 - Colonel
    O6 - Field Colonel (O6A)
    Flag Officer Ranks
    A1 - Rear Admiral, Lower Half
    A2 - Rear Admiral, Upper Half
    A3 - Vice-Admiral
    A4 - Admiral
    A5 - Fleet Admiral
    A-1 - Brigadier General
    A-2 - Major General
    A-3 - Lieutenant General
    A-4 - General
    A-5 - Field Marshal

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