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 Umm... Where exactly have I been?
Posted by Kuro-chan - January 13th, 2008
Sometimes I am not even sure myself, but I tried to get at least one update here this year.

In short though, it's been a busy few months for me, and my relative "want" to work on this site has been very low with about three or four times I have considered just closing the forum or both the forum and site, especially with some of the nasty emails I have been getting as to why the special test with the DS9 set I did some time ago was not finished. To sum it up, it's tough work and I have to customize every single rank with that to try and make it work... it's rather discouraging, especially when people bug and nag and threatened and flame and other stuff. (I'm talking about 50 emails, if you can believe it, and only very few of them were polite). This is not some high-paying job here, folks! IF I choose to work on anything, it is done on MY free time. I pay for the site out of either MY pocket of with the few donations that generously come in.

To complicate matters, work has been an absolute hell the last three months, with my boss threatening me, screaming at me, yelling at me, playing the complete "Ignore Me" routine, threatening me with suspension and a ton of other crap from both boss and other people I am stuck working around... To think of the level of incompetence, it's practically unbelieveable. I am not sure if she will read this, but a special thank you to my co-worker Theresa. You really have no idea how big a help you have been. You have helped keep me relatively sane and grateful that at least someone there can give a damn about me, or else I probably would have quit, tried something stupid and either been in the hospital or dead. Again, thank you.

I did post a new rankset on the site. It's a small set of Dominion ranks for Jem'Hadar units. It can found in the Trek Rank section.

Anything else, well I may or may not be around. I should be getting around to emails eventually. Ja na

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