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 I hate bad news... I really do...
Posted by Kuro-chan - August 1st, 2008
Special thank you to Presley Ferguson (Website) for pointing out a very ugly error in my Bajoran Silver ranks. Apparently, I had saved one of my images as two different names, and it ended up overwriting the proper one. It's been fixed. I think what amazes me more is how old the set is (2+ Years)... And now someone caught my boo-boo... Wow indeed. ;

I also found another very ugly error in the TNG Special Edition set. It looks as though I misaligned the Provisional O-4 gold pips when I was putting everything together (Which is very possible when trying to do 1,000 rank images in a single day). ... That has been fixed as well.

Speaking of TNG sets, there is an Alpha Channel Test done up using just the TNG Special Edition red background. If the feedback is practical and positive enough, I would be able to finish off the series (Oddly enough, this series would be much easier to finish than the DS9 one... That is still a heavy project to try and finish.)

Now for the bad news... I do not know how long ago all this happened, but I was looking up some of my competition (Which I like to do because I am curious) and I could not find ANYTHING on Steve Marriott's old RPG-Insignias site. The regular website address is clickable Here, but I cannot get it to work. I also cannot get any information on Brian Minosh and his classic work. These guys' work can still be found everywhere and it worries me to see a couple of the original legends disappear like this. Granted, there are probably lots of archives all over the place, but with the root sites gone, it feels like a huge chunk of rank-making history is suddenly... gone. If anyone has any information on this, I would be privileged to find out what is going on, please and thank you.

Bonus: I updates the Links pages, removed dead ones and added a couple special ones too.

Happy ranking, everybody.

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