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Posted by Kuro-chan - March 25th, 2010
... And I am NOT kidding!

For those who are not familiar with some of the more recent Kuro-RPG back story, there has been a generic "Editor" in development for some time to make it easier for people like me to make contributions to the site (such as updates) much more quickly. With old-fashioned HTML, it took a lot of work to copy, paste and re-work boxes so that I could note that there was change to the site. Today, with my hand-made editor, I can easily post an update on the site in 30 seconds. Hooray for learning strange new things!

The most recent add-on to this Editor is a Rankset Submission page for Guest Artists.

Yes, you heard me right.

Kuro-RPG is trying to expand it's Non-Kuro artwork big time, by recruiting many of the best rankset makers out there. For starters, I am opening up the invitation to those with past guest submissions to Kuro-RPG and to some members of the forum who have been very active in putting up superior quality work there. I will also open this up to:
- Steve Marriott, formerly of RPG-Insignias.
- Kevin Steeper, formerly of
- Brian Minosh, associated with Bravo Fleet

I am fully aware that once upon a time ago they were competitors, but times change and I can no longer locate any of their websites. I would hate to see their work disappear along with them, so...

To contact me, refer to this page please. It's my Contact page (and from the emails I have seen, it does seem to work).

I have also made little changes to both the Guest Rankset and Flash Movie pages.

Flash Movie artists received a "No. of Movies" add-on to their main listing and each movie has a viewer listing added. Unfortunately, the numbers are a bit low right now, (some movies have been on here for almost as long as the site itself has been online) so if you want to help pitch in and get those numbers way up, there is something like 130 movies on here to watch.

The Guest Rankset pages have been split into two sections. One is the old setup with all the guest work still there. The other is the new page in development. Once everything off the old set is transferred over, it will be taken down, putting the last page of the old Kuro-RPG site to rest.

Anything else... I will sure to message you... or you message me... mwah ha ha...

Ranks for all!
Containing lots of "Rawr!"
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