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 Okay... What to talk about...?
Posted by Kuro-chan - February 27th, 2012
There is a much newer look to the website, for sure. I implemented some changes to the site:

- New look. Really, it's new. Like, newer than it was before... Scary, yes?

Guest Changes:
- Guests can now rate stuff. No membership required. I found there was an odd bug in it, however. It will crash the first time, but every time after that, it works fine. I will have to look into it sometime...
- Dropped the Comic section, mostly due to some difficulty in implementing the concept and lack of submissions.

Member Changes:
- Dropped the "Team Color" concept and setup a Primary and Secondary Colour system, so members can customize the color scheme of the site to their interests as they browse.
- Moved the Submission pages to a single page along the top bar. It can be found between the greeting and "Profile" option. This also frees up room on the Profile pages.
- Found a bug when checking for a person's contribution rank. I think the Emblems was not being counted toward the final rank total...?

Stuff I still want to get to:
- Doing a single profile banner submission, so you only need to submit one banner image and the website creates the smaller one for you.
- Split up the information page and include some addition information about the site.
- Admins: We'll still get our section!
- Contributors: The new setup was to allow for a change in how contributors are added to Flash and Game submissions. I am running into some problems with implementing it, however, so I will need to investigate it.
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