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 A Mountain of change!
Posted by Kuro-chan - July 21st, 2013 - 17:03
Kuro-chan here.

For anyone who is reading, you will have noticed the change in the appearance of the website.

Friday night (my time), the stuff on the server was being moved from one place to another, but somehow all my database stuff did not move over as well, so while stuff could be accessed, without that database, Kuro-RPG would not function. Since I had been working on this for a while now (encouraged by multiple donations that had come in), I got this version of the site done, cleaned up, debugged as best I could, then wiped the old system with all the old scripts, and put this version in it's place.

There are a number of changes I have made to the site:

  • Kuro-RPG has gone wide-screen! ... Or, at least wider-screen. Nearly all the pages should still work for 1024 x 768 displays though.
  • Javascript is required a lot more with this version, especially if you are logged in. If you are uncertain about the safety of the code and Javascript used on this site, you may refer to the Policy Section for more information.
  • A new Policy section has been included to cover the things Kuro-RPG stands for.
  • Awards, Fanmail and Token Positions have been removed, due to lack of use, however the databases, images, etc. are all still intact (Just in case).
  • Sugar Spice has plans to include some sort of award system. Stay tuned.
  • Administrators have a LOT more power on the site than before. They have greater access to nearly all that data available on the site.
  • Editing submissions, posts, etc. can be done on the page itself, rather than having to open up new sections. Also, it is possible now to delete/remove submissions.
  • The scripts behind all the material that is submitted to the site has been cleaned up a lot, almost eliminating redundancy.
  • A lot of the background images used on the site have been replaced with css scripting. If your browser is too old to support it, they will appear plain.

Also, thank you to Kevin W. for another donation to the site, encouraging me to get this overhaul finished!

  • Thanks to K'Tyra for noticing a bug on the Register page. Stupid me had it set to accept a username of 5 characters or less, instead of 5 characters or more.
  • According to my provider, I am on an earlier version of PHP, so there may be problems with submissions, profile editor, anything that involves submitting an image. If there are no images involved, there should be no problems. This should be fixed in the next 24 hours.
  • Thanks to Heyallo for finding a bug in my sample image viewers.
I haz a new site style!
[ 8FoldPath, the website of Jonesy ]
July 23rd, 2013 - 22:42
I like it, very clean.

Here's to another 8 years!!!
July 28th, 2013 - 04:16
I love it Kuro!
Yes *raises glass* 8 years of rank image supremacy!
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