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Posted by Kuro-chan - July 30th, 2006
It has been two weeks since the last update... That must mean I am actually updating...? Gah! What am I doing?! What am I doing?! I am upd-- ... oh wait... I am SUPPOSED to be updating... Okie okie, self-panic attack is over. I can get back to actually discussing WHAT kind of update this is:

- Movie Era ranks got a considerable boost with over 1,000 new ranks. There is now a second section called the "Movie Era Sleeves" which focuses on other part of the Movie Era uniform. I know there are still a few things missing, like some of the enlisted sleeves and the service pips, but that will be taken care of soon enough.
- DS9 Era, Duty Style #2, Dress Style #1 and #2, Alternate Style #1 and the Line Template all received a special service today. As of today, they all have Ambassador ranks. Unlike the Future Era and Alternate Style 2 sets, however, these are single-rank sections, and should be handled accordingly. I do not plan to expand these ranks as it was hard enough to get the Ambassador pip to look good.
- The update page now includes a random selection of banners linking to some premium and established sites showing the best in artists and trek-lovers combined.
- TNG rankset has been updated to properly work on the site and has been expanded to include the full run of enlisted, warrant and provisional ranks. I still only plan to have 3 department colors, however. The ranksets which still need a run-through are ENT, TOS, TMP, and Future Era.

And just to scare me that little bit more... I did another rank count. There are currently 17,199 available ranks on the site.

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