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 "The Infamous 17-Day-Later Update"... I just wish I knew what was so infamous about it!
Posted by Kuro-chan - November 19th, 2006
Some time later and some work done on the site, including the following stuff:

- Alternate Style Rankset, circa 2485 is now up on the site. Scroll towards the bottom of the page to find the Alternate Style ranksets. Stefan put in a request for this set and asked it be posted on the site.
- Sailor Moon ranksets are now available on the website. I can now safe with considerable certainty that Kuro-RPG is not an "Sci-fi" only website, as we have something that has absolutely nothing to do with military or sci-fi ranks! I am rather quite proud of how they turned out as this project was a TON of work. Research was brutal, never mind trying to create a special image for every single rank made. I have not had such a difficult project to work on in such a long time, but the first half of the results are online and available for download. The second half (The 120x size) should be available sometime down the road.
- Four more donations to Kuro-RPG, coming from loyal members (In chronological order): Fedhog, Stephen Clark, Emily Hamilton, and Artemis Xavier Farr. I think we are getting closer to our forum upgrade!
- Contact information for Kuro-chan has been updated. Please see the Information Page for details.
- Information Page has been re-worked to account for the critical team members that help make Kuro-RPG a success. New entries include Mike Mendez and Fedhog.

I would also like to take a chance to briefly promote forum member Kevin's project on Star Trek Expanded Universe Wiki, a fanon project. Check out the rank project especially, for he has worked like hell to make this work. It stunned the hell out of me when I realized I truly have no life as I have made so many rank images... O.o ...

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