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 If you were hotlinking off my site, you are probably wondering what is going on.
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 3rd, 2007
Now that I have finished what I wanted to do this week, I will explain what I have done. As you, the regular Kuro-RPG browsers, may recall earlier in the year I set a goal for myself. I wanted to convert all the ranksets from the current established format into .zip files which are made available for download. Well, that goal is nearly finished. I have converted everything except the DS9 Duty and Dress sets, my most heavily hotlinked items. I left those intact to give the remaining hotlinkers until Saturday to find a suitable free host for their ranksets. If you check the Terms and Conditions section of Kuro-RPG (Under the Information button at the top menu), you will find the following:

Hotlinking: Hotlinking to my ranks is strictly prohibited. There are plenty of freeservers where you can host the rank images, plus I need my bandwidth for my regular traffic.

This is not new information and has been up there since the start of the site. Nonetheless, I can access my FTP server and see who has been hotlinking images off my site. Over the last few months has increased to about 300 regular websites. That large amount of image hotlinking takes a significant chunk out of bandwidth. This is bandwidth I pay for and hotlinkers do not. As a result, I am passing the responsibility of bandwidth issues to those who actually use the rank images. There are a great number of websites that properly use the rank images and believe me I love to see them put to use. Unfortunately, because of the increasing number of people who skip my Terms and Conditions page and start hotlinking my content, this is now the result. I have to pack everything up so they cannot be hotlinked. I will leave samples of the work on my pages so people will be able to see what they will be able to download.

Banners Terms have not changed. They may still be hotlinked.

Other content going up on the site will now resume.

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