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 Fixed a Rankset Glitch.
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 23rd, 2014 - 03:31
Hi. Me again.

I fixed a glitch I found on the last set I put up, the DS9 Thin Style, Split Ranks edition.

There is another rankset ready to go, but the person who paid for it to happen gets first dibs on it, so it will not be posted on here, yet.
More ranksets?! SERIOUSLY?!
 Forums are going offline
Posted by Heyallo - May 19th, 2014 - 03:52
After a long run and no active use over the last year, Our forums are being taken offline.

(They may make a return in the future if it is needed/wanted)
Audentes Fortuna Juvat (Fortune Favors the Bold)
 Happy Mother's Day!
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 11th, 2014 - 15:59
To the very small handful of mothers who browse this site, anyway.

Actually, someone posted an argument on how I am supposedly the mother of this site... While the website does ask for money, at least it does not rummage through the liquor cabinet, clean out the fridge, take the last slice of pie, steal the car to go joyriding or have to bail it out of jail!

... Thank goodness for small mercies...
More ranksets?! SERIOUSLY?!
 And now, more up-posting of ranksets.
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 11th, 2014 - 03:58
Hopefully, in an attempt to keep some people happy, I have posted a "NOVA 3" version of the DS9 Thin-style ranksets.

Linky: Click Here

...It looks like that set is more popular than expected...?

On another note: I am trying to figure out exactly "What" people want from this site. To paraphrase, some people tell me the NOVA 3 sets are the next new thing and those are the only sets I should be working on... Meanwhile, I also hear how no one is going to ever use the NOVA 3 sets in future simming and I should just give up on them and focus on making complete sets, instead.

I dunno... Maybe I am just babbling, but the whole thing feels confusing, at times.
More ranksets?! SERIOUSLY?!
 Ugh... More downtime... ;(
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 7th, 2014 - 06:17
Down for close to 36 hrs. It had something to do with someone above my provider screwing around with and changing all the IPs, so none of his sites were working. Anyhow, that has been fixed and we are back up.

Still, there has been a lot of downtime lately and it is starting to get annoying...
More ranksets?! SERIOUSLY?!
 I am still working on stuff, but I have other stuff on the go, too.
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 1st, 2014 - 20:16
Hi. I updated my policies section due to the revelation of the Google Ad Sense fiasco. For those of your who are unfamiliar with it, click here. They have the article as well as the leaked info.

It is yet another example of why I continue to disassociate myself with Google.

Also, for some reason the image replacement scripts for avatar and banners are broken. I am investigating.
^ UPDATE: It is working again. Looks like there was a problem in the script that is responsible for creating the images. The replacements were uploading, but they had all the wrong ID tags, so without the right connections, they were not showing up.

^ Thanks to FleetAdmKtyra for spotting this problem for me.
More ranksets?! SERIOUSLY?!
 Ds9 add-on added in, but nothing was subtracted...?
Posted by Kuro-chan - March 25th, 2014 - 18:49
Evil me, here. I have done up an Airforce add-on for the latest DS9 set

Lord Grimm also pointed out another bug in one of my ranksets that has been fixed. Thank you.
More ranksets?! SERIOUSLY?!
 Grimm01 to the rescue!
Posted by Kuro-chan - March 13th, 2014 - 18:49
Lord Grimm was kind enough to direct me to a small bug on my site. A while back I had done a couple submissions that pointed to larger, more detailed pages. That script was missing from all aspects of the site, even though the data and links were there. It has been corrected and uploaded.

Thanks for noticing!

I have also noticed a lack of sim links coming my way. If you have a sim and you want a link here, send it my way! :o
I swat another bug!
 Woo! Donation!
Posted by Kuro-chan - February 22nd, 2014 - 06:07
Stephen Clark donated. This his marks his second donation to Kuro-RPG.

Thank you.

Also, fixed an image glitch in the Guest Rankset section.
More ranksets?! SERIOUSLY?!
 I think I speak for everyone
Posted by Kevin W. - February 19th, 2014 - 05:24
It's nice to see Kuro back in business in terms of making ranks. Kuro and I have discussed the difficulties he's gone through in the past year and I know how hard it's been. It's really nice to see the website and Kuro back on their collective feet, no matter the extent. Kuro produces some real quality artwork and I hold it in the highest regard.
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