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 More Rankstuffs.
Posted by Kuro-chan - April 24th, 2012
Kuro here.

After enough weeks of problems, (Not just physically, but with a certain rankset), I finally submitted the TNG Future Era set in a revised format. Hopefully, it should keep enough people happy.

Now onto... things.
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 One more thing...
Posted by Kuro-chan - April 20th, 2012
I have little choice but to publish this, since multiple attempts to send an email to the person in question have failed. I did receive a request to redo the Full Metal Alchemist ranks to the style of my forum set. It is a very interesting idea that has more appeal than a lot of projects I have worked on, since I can do it to a more cartoon-y style and ... *whispers* It's not Trek... lol.

So yes, I did get the email and I have put together my old stuff and research so I can work on the set.
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 Some thanks in order.
Posted by Kuro-chan - April 20th, 2012
Thank you to:

Stefan Nikolaus for his 11th donation to Kuro-RPG. Simply 'WOW' ... Hehe.

Jason Solomon for submitting some ranks so I could find out there was a bug in the submission end of things. I patched it up, but I cannot test it, given the rank submission system for me is very different. Next person who submits something, could you let me know if it works out alright...?

The community at large for helping to keep this site alive with font page posts, comments and content.
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 First I was told there would be a move, then I was told there won't be, then I was told...
Posted by Kuro-chan - April 15th, 2012
Hi hi.

First off, thank you to Electricbolt for a donation to the website. That does help to try and put me back in good spirits.

Between two additional aggravations to my back (which feel worse and take longer to get over now since another bad pull in August), plus a head cold in-between, this has not been a fun few weeks. I was hoping (maybe) to get something done during that time, but at best, I have managed to get little bits and pieces done in the process. Hopefully, I am starting to get better over the 2nd back problem time... Maybe.

Also, I keep being pulled in different directions about Kuro-RPG being moved to another server. IF that happens, either myself or my provider will post a heads up first.

Update: Fixed a lil' bug in the submission page. Ranksets might have been a problem to upload...
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 The French
Posted by James Arnhem - April 6th, 2012
Just to update you all, i have finally completed the French Navy ranks for working uniform/ at sea. the images are currently on the Forum, i hope to upload them all soon.

Thank you.

Lord Arnhem
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 Forum Update
Posted by Heyallo - April 4th, 2012
Hello, Invision recently released IPB 3.3 so I'll be updating the forums on my next day off (which will be Friday the 6th of April)

So yeah, don't freak out hehe.

EDIT: Back end work was happening, so until I'm it's finished, I haven't updated forums yet.
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 I did a new flash... thing...
Posted by Shadow Warrior Luke - March 30th, 2012
Was gonna announce it yesterday but a bug in the system wasn't displaying the flash properly. Kuro's sorted it now though, so it's all good.

Every so often I get ideas for short scenes with Magus and Mario. This one I've submitted is the first of a few extra short flashes. Won't be on Newgrounds for the forseeable future but when I've animated enough of them I'll probably compile them into one thing and submit it then. Anyway, hope you enjoy Magus and the Toad House.
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 Me again. Sorry.
Posted by Kuro-chan - March 4th, 2012
Found a bug in the Profile Editor that prevented avatars from being updated / uploaded. That should be fixed now. If there are any issues, you know where to find me.

Also found a bug with the Profile Messaging System. It would not submit and did not display existing messages. That is fixed too.

Also, Xanadu has a new piece of music on the site. I like more content.
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 Okay... What to talk about...?
Posted by Kuro-chan - February 27th, 2012
There is a much newer look to the website, for sure. I implemented some changes to the site:

- New look. Really, it's new. Like, newer than it was before... Scary, yes?

Guest Changes:
- Guests can now rate stuff. No membership required. I found there was an odd bug in it, however. It will crash the first time, but every time after that, it works fine. I will have to look into it sometime...
- Dropped the Comic section, mostly due to some difficulty in implementing the concept and lack of submissions.

Member Changes:
- Dropped the "Team Color" concept and setup a Primary and Secondary Colour system, so members can customize the color scheme of the site to their interests as they browse.
- Moved the Submission pages to a single page along the top bar. It can be found between the greeting and "Profile" option. This also frees up room on the Profile pages.
- Found a bug when checking for a person's contribution rank. I think the Emblems was not being counted toward the final rank total...?

Stuff I still want to get to:
- Doing a single profile banner submission, so you only need to submit one banner image and the website creates the smaller one for you.
- Split up the information page and include some addition information about the site.
- Admins: We'll still get our section!
- Contributors: The new setup was to allow for a change in how contributors are added to Flash and Game submissions. I am running into some problems with implementing it, however, so I will need to investigate it.
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 Overhaul Time.
Posted by Kuro-chan - February 26th, 2012
Currently Working on: "Submission Pages"

I will be spending today overhauling the site. Don't be surprised if 90% of everything ends up not working.

I will post when I am done (or at least done enough that everything is not crashing in the process).

One note: I have been asked if this will affect anyone's current submissions. The answer is no. Most of what I am changing today involves the scripting end of things. I am modifying some databases as well, but those do not have anything to do with the submissions to the website. However, I do need to modify the Flash and Games archives because of a change I made how contributors are added on, but I will handle that myself.
Overhaul time!
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