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 Website Moving
Posted by Daniel - December 15th, 2011
We are in the process of moving the website. If you notice anything broken, let Kuro-chan know. If you make a forum post, or submit a rankset and it disappears, repost it. The website will be noticeably faster after this move.
 Still working on stuff...
Posted by Kuro-chan - December 11th, 2011
Like the revised Dress Ranksets, buuuut...

Thank you to Stefan Nikolaus for his 10th donation to Kuro-RPG! You are an inspiration and motivation, THAT is for sure.

Happy rankset'ing!
Still updating a website, I am!
 Forum Upgrade Complete
Posted by Heyallo - December 6th, 2011
We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming....

The forums have been upgraded successfully to IPB 3.2.3 and are operational. Rejoice and be happy for my tinkering with the insides of your community are complete =p
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 Tread lightly in Donation territory.
Posted by Kuro-chan - December 5th, 2011
Kuro here with comments.

The latest site updates, overhauls and fixes centered on the Donation page, moving all the information over to a database and creating a script to pull stuff off. I also made some modifications so that if you have a registered account on the website, your name on there will link to your profile.

For anyone who has donated in the past, feel free to check the page and make sure your information is correct. If there are any problems / issues, feel free to Contact me.!

Big thank you to Eris for a VERY kind and large donation to the site. It is her sincere motivator to getting the DS9 Dress Set and 25th century ranksets done. Thank you very much!
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 Canadian Ranks go live
Posted by James Arnhem - December 3rd, 2011
Hello all, I know I have not been around as much lately, but I have finally added the 3 new Canadian Rank sets to my section, happy simming
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 Stuff done up!
Posted by Kuro-chan - December 2nd, 2011
Kuro here with stuff done up.

What seems like lots of stuff.

Between Jonesy and I, we managed to re-assemble the entire Kuro-chan Rankset archives, so now all the older stuff have pages again.

I also took the liberty of redoing the design for how the rank structures are shown on the website. I think I got it working, but hopefully everyone knows how to Contact the Kuro in case there are problems.

Huggles for all and enjoy your rankset browsing!
Still updating a website, I am!
 Evil Times...
Posted by Kuro-chan - November 30th, 2011
Kuro here.

It looks like we had some downtime for a while. Sorry for any inconvenience it may have caused.
Still updating a website, I am!
 Forum Update - Scheduled
Posted by Heyallo - November 30th, 2011
Herro! Just a heads up that on December 4th or 5th (US TIME), I will be deploying the IPB 3.2.3 update to the forums, so on one of those days the forums will be unavailable for a few hours.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...
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 Some stuff, some fixes.
Posted by Kuro-chan - November 28th, 2011
Kuro here with some stuff I tinkered on and other news.

- Fixed some bugs when I started to overhaul my submission pages. Apparently, anyone could enter in a Banner / Link, but it would crash because some of the data needed would be from who submitted it. It would also not contribute the site http either.
- Fixed an update bug so it pulls initial data from the right source.
- Strengthened my "Permission" range, so it properly covers who is allowed to submit stuff.

(Thanks to Emrys for noticing the problem.)

- Attempting to work with cookies so users who log in will stay logged on. We'll see if it works of if I muddled something.

Also, thank you to Heyallo for another generous donation to the site. You sure know how to keep the Kuro motivated!
Still updating a website, I am!
 Wow... a 'Very' old whoops...
Posted by Kuro-chan - November 25th, 2011
BIG thank you to Harrison for pointing out a rather bad flaw in my DS9 Duty Alpha (Pre-Revision) set. Apparently in the E8A ranks under the /Marine folder, there was a misalignment in the alpha channel. That has been fixed now!

If you want to grab only the images in question, they can be downloaded through Here.
Still updating a website, I am!
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