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 Rank Overload
Posted by Jonesy - October 18th, 2011
With the completion of Deep Space 9, Dress Uniform-Silver Trim, all of the DS9 pages are done. Time to keep on movin' on!
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 Now for some ranks you'll really like!
Posted by Jonesy - October 16th, 2011
Deep Space 9, Dress Uniform Version 1.1 (Grey Collar) has been completed. I think I grabbed the wrong hat!
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 Jonesy's been a busy beaver
Posted by Jonesy - October 12th, 2011
Actually, my night time is not all that busy.

Deep Space 9, Dress Uniform Version 1.0 (White Collar) has been completed. For my next trick, I'll pull the Version 1.1 (Grey Collar) out of my hat!
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 Working hard on behalf of Kuro
Posted by Jonesy - October 12th, 2011
For those who do not know, I am Jonesy, and I have been working on filling in the pages for Kuro that have been blank since the site change. At this point, I have finished everything from Enterprise to DS9 duty uniforms. I hope to have DS9 dress uniforms done by the end of the week. Expect more updates as I complete the pages.
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 Update Completed
Posted by Heyallo - October 11th, 2011
Forums are now running on version 3.2.2 of Invision Power Board and the update went off without error.

Happy Posting.
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 Time to make the front page look different.
Posted by Kuro-chan - October 10th, 2011
Summary time!

- Quotes section has been put up. I can tell Heyallo had fun adding stuff to it.
- Contributors (those who have submitted content to the website), Web Support and Administrators all have access to the front page update section. The intention is for it to be used as a means to support the content on this site and the Kuro-RPG community in general.

(That is a hint for those who submit stuff to "GET POSTING" on the front page. While I like seeing myself plastered all over the site, even on the front page it is a bit overkill...)

Should be around.
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 Forum Update coming in the next few days
Posted by Heyallo - October 8th, 2011
Yeah, it slipped through the cracks of my "To Do" list and I just remembered it. (I know, bad Heyallo).

So, expect a little downtime in the next few days.
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 Un-bugging some evil bugs.
Posted by Kuro-chan - October 8th, 2011
Thank you to Krace for spotting an 'odd' bug which was unlikely to happen, but in his case, it did. Also, because I was debugging the ranks submission and viewer pages, I came across another bug which would cause the viewer page to crash if there was a problem with the submission image. That has been fixed so it displays no image in case there is a problem.

I took a rank break and revised the Kuro Girls pixel art that is scattered around the site. Notably: I split up the Award Kuros and now there are four different ones instead of one with all four different medals.
Still updating a website, I am!
 From henceforth, I shall be known as "Stormageddon!" LOL!
Posted by Kuro-chan - October 4th, 2011

Bravo Fleet relations are completely restored. Many thank yous to everyone concerned with the development and to all those who took serious interest in this situation, regardless of where you stood in it.

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 Stuff, it is!
Posted by Kuro-chan - October 3rd, 2011
Not sure where to begin.

- Changes in Bravo Fleet have encouraged me to re-post their banner link in their original spot.
- Added over a dozen additional banner images in the Links section. Included are fleets, simms and hosting opportunities.
- A new "Emblems" section is up. I moved one of my ranksets over and added 2 more contributions toward it. That has been my recent project. (Doing something besides ranksets is always a nice change of pace, if you ask me.)
- Fixed some little typos and bugs in the Uniform section. A couple of those also applied to the Guest Rankset section as well.

Same comments to my finale: Ranks for all!
Still updating a website, I am!
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