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 Days like the last two make me feel... UGH! >_<
Posted by Kuro-chan - August 19th, 2011
I got hurt twice in two days at work, leaving me in lousy shape. I am REALLY getting sick of that nonsense...

Cardassian Union ranks are up. A small set, but one step closer to getting things done.

On an unrelated note, I must leave the domain of my computer for the next couple days for some necessary out of town business. I won't be around for the 20th and 21st.
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 More up.
Posted by Kuro-chan - August 16th, 2011
I snuck in TOS, 2250's era ranks. Compared to the old batch, there are a couple additional ranks posted.

[EDIT] Sorry if the Guest Rankset section was a bit fluke-y between 9-10pm EST. I was working on the layout.
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 Battle-forum OFFLINE! *Not anymore*
Posted by Heyallo - August 15th, 2011
Yeah, Its offline for the upgrade to 3.2.1 =)

EDIT: Forums are now online again and there's been a lot of changes, most notably, your avatars will all have to be uploaded again as the upgrade had me all convert them all to like 90x90 so they all look weird. (Forum has defaulted new avatar sizes to 200x300px, however uses a 90x90px for forum posts)

Oh, and Facebook/Twitter Registration has been added, so you can now register/login with either service if you wish.
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 And another excuse to post!
Posted by Kuro-chan - August 11th, 2011
Thank you to Michael Garcia of Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead for contributing to the Kuro effort to keep ranksets going. I certainly appreciate it!

That makes donation #60 on this site. Wow...
Still building a website, I am!
 Me again. Sorry...
Posted by Kuro-chan - August 8th, 2011
Thank you, once again, to Stefan Nikolaus for yet another amazing and generous donation to Kuro-RPG. You sure know how to keep the Kuro-chan happy, don't you?

BTW: That makes his ninth individual contribution to the website. I think that is very impressive and very awesome!
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 Forum Upgrade, Coming Soon (tm)
Posted by Heyallo - August 7th, 2011
Yep, that's right folks, Unca Heyallo will be upgrading the forums in the next week. So if for any reason the forums don't work for you, that's why hehe.

Consider this your notice "DON'T PANIC" and don't forget your towel!
For Truth, Justice, and Yummy Baked Goods everywhere.... FOR THE MUFFIN!!!
Posted by Kuro-chan - August 7th, 2011
Sorry if half the Media section was acting a bit fluke-y. I was overhauling the basic design of that entire section, changing and re-scripting things. I think I like how it turned out.
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 Found more stuff to do.
Posted by Kuro-chan - August 6th, 2011
I scripted in a means to 'deactivate' dead links and banner in the "Links" section of the website. Of the 100 links there, I found 20 dead links, all of which have been deactivated, but not removed. Currently, all admin have access to this feature.

On another note: Kuro-RPG is always looking for links to put in our section. It is a means to provide additional advertising to SIMMs, forums, info sites, etc.

Submit away!
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 Lots of revisions.
Posted by Kuro-chan - August 5th, 2011
After ripping apart several of my own rankset editor pages, only to find I had been accidentally overwriting several of the Guest Rankset pages (which I repaired)... ugh. Well, I got one whole section up on my page with complete listings. I am also in the process of re-formatting the complete sections to match the style and design of the Guest section.

<- Definitely need one, except I don't ...
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 The Kuro is something still around.
Posted by Kuro-chan - August 5th, 2011
Some stuff got updated!

- Enterprise Era Duty Uniform is up.
- MACO rankset is up.
- Mirror Universe rankset is up.

This all relates to the Revision project I have been working on. Donations have gotten slow, thus Kuro has gotten slow too...
Still building a website, I am!
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