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 Found more stuff to do.
Posted by Kuro-chan - August 6th, 2011
I scripted in a means to 'deactivate' dead links and banner in the "Links" section of the website. Of the 100 links there, I found 20 dead links, all of which have been deactivated, but not removed. Currently, all admin have access to this feature.

On another note: Kuro-RPG is always looking for links to put in our section. It is a means to provide additional advertising to SIMMs, forums, info sites, etc.

Submit away!
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 Lots of revisions.
Posted by Kuro-chan - August 5th, 2011
After ripping apart several of my own rankset editor pages, only to find I had been accidentally overwriting several of the Guest Rankset pages (which I repaired)... ugh. Well, I got one whole section up on my page with complete listings. I am also in the process of re-formatting the complete sections to match the style and design of the Guest section.

<- Definitely need one, except I don't ...
Still building a website, I am!
 The Kuro is something still around.
Posted by Kuro-chan - August 5th, 2011
Some stuff got updated!

- Enterprise Era Duty Uniform is up.
- MACO rankset is up.
- Mirror Universe rankset is up.

This all relates to the Revision project I have been working on. Donations have gotten slow, thus Kuro has gotten slow too...
Still building a website, I am!
 It's me again.
Posted by Kuro-chan - August 3rd, 2011
Been many problems in life lately, a good 70%+ of them work-related, but anyway...

- I got up 3 ranksets today. They are listed along the new sidebar.
- Fixed a little bug in admin editor.
- Fixed an issue in the community pages with signatures not showing up. Either you have a siggy up or you are displayed as a Member No. XXX.
- Fixed an error in the "Latest Submissions" section. It was calling up the wrong variables. Fine if you do not have gaps in your ID fields, like I find out by accident.
Still building a website, I am!
Posted by Kuro-chan - July 28th, 2011
USS Samurai was added to our Links section.
Still building a website, I am!
 Saved from the clutches of Development Hell
Posted by Shadow Warrior Luke - July 9th, 2011
Umm... hello.

Seems I helped fix a bug in the flash submissions, so that's cool.

Anyway, I have finished working on Duke Nukem Forev... wait, no, that was released wasn't it? Anyway, July 10th is the 10th anniversary of Captain SNES, a webcomic I enjoy reading, and I wanted to do something for the occasion so I finished Magus Bros 3 after sitting on it for roughly 5 years.

Right over here.

Hope you enjoy it.
 More Remix
Posted by Kuro-chan - July 9th, 2011
Attached is another demonstration of the Metroid Remix game Emperor and myself have been working on.

Still building a website, I am!
Posted by Kuro-chan - July 3rd, 2011
I have put up a test for a revised TNG rankset. It is available on the forum.

I think I am starting to feel better from my last injury. Between that, domain issues and other nonsense, it makes it difficult to be able to actually sit down and work on something...
Still building a website, I am!
 Have not posted recently?
Posted by Kuro-chan - June 29th, 2011
I took another injury at work a couple days ago and I am still trying to recover from it. Does not help my workplace deliberately ignores my situation and leaves where I was injured in the first place... I am not sure how long this will take, but honestly, I feel like I am in no shape to be worrying about graphics at the moment...
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 Little Kuro Things...
Posted by Kuro-chan - June 22nd, 2011
- Fixed an issue with the Guest Ranks database. A few entries got messed up. It probably happened when I was trying to build my editor for my section. I fixed whatever I was able to find. If there are anymore issues, feel free to let me know.
- Updated the "Token Positions" section, pruning dead links and adding a new one for the Ninth Fleet.
- Edited the Comics section a bit more and updating the Profiles page to accommodate that.

Beyond that... Probably other little things too...
Still building a website, I am!
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