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 Adding stuff...
Posted by Kuro-chan - June 14th, 2011
I added a Pips-Only version of the TWOK ranks. They are available for download.
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 A minor re-design.
Posted by Kuro-chan - June 11th, 2011
I was rebuilding my index page, cutting the size of it by over 2/3 by trying to run additional scripts to look for what it is supposed to. If there are any problems, let me know!
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 Stuff Time!
Posted by Kuro-chan - June 9th, 2011
Okie. I posted some more ranks: The TWOK Movie Era set is now online.

1,813 images later...

I am 52 rank images short of 50,000 in my section... ;; ...

Oh yeah... Clickable Link = Good Thing!
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 Attention: Forum Lurkers.
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 30th, 2011
A Movie Era (TWOK) set has been posted on the forum for review/evaluation. Once again, I chose a ridiculously bad colour to use for the backgrounds, one that is very unlikely to be used in an actual SIMM. I will require feedback before finishing that set off.
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 Fun Thank Yous!
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 30th, 2011
Emperor was kind enough to make another donation to the site. The fuel to make ranks is being fed well.
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 Not a fun day.
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 26th, 2011
To summarize it quickly:

- Site was down for a chunk of a day due to problems at the server end. Something to do with a DNS not transferring properly and mine got missed along the way.
- Voyager ranksets were done, but then I found out 95% of them had the wrong alpha channel, so I will have to redo that entire set...
- DS9 Old Version #2 and the New Version both have an error in them. The Provisional Silver Senior Captain Rank (*-o6a) has the wrong pip on it. It shows an Executive Commander (*-05a) in it's place. That has been fixed and the zips have been re-uploaded onto the site.

Definitely not a fun day, plus it's thunder storming here...
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 Ok, I made some changes.
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 24th, 2011
At least that is ONE thing I can do around here. lol

There is a 3rd DS9 Revision set up. I have used it to replace the existing Revision pages, but left open links in the main page in case anyone still wants those.
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Posted by Kuro-chan - May 24th, 2011
There was something about that DS9 Re-envisioned project I just did not like... Something to do with a smudge in the design, so I did another version... Another 1,524 images.

Link: Clicky Clicky!

Whew... 48,135 ranks is what my page counter says... owie! >_<

UPDATE: Ugh! Now I have been told this one is even worse than the first... and I just do not have enough time to overhaul it tonight...

I would advise you not to download it until I get a 'fixed' version up on the site.
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Posted by Kuro-chan - May 22nd, 2011
Yes, that is right.

I said it first on Kuro-RPG ... Which may be a coincidence since I also run it...

DS9 Duty Uniform set is very much done. I stuck a fork in it and it did not come out bleeding either!

Link: Clicky Clicky!

1,524 images later...

Also, I added counters to all the guest (and myself) on the site regarding the physical number of rank images they have contributed to Kuro-RPG. Whatever you do though, do NOT scroll down to the bottom of my page. I nearly passed out when I saw my contribution numbers...
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 AND a thank you to Stefan Nikolaus!
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 21st, 2011
This marks his 8th donation to Kuro-RPG. (WOW). Thank you very much for your contribution. You name will be going down the next set coming out.

The DS9 Demo on the forum is posted, but I am waiting on further reviews before I do anything with it.
Still building a website, I am!
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