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Posted by Kuro-chan - June 20th, 2011
I did not upload most of my rankset .zip files. That is being done now (4:05pm EST), but it may take a little while.
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 Oh, where to begin...
Posted by Kuro-chan - June 19th, 2011
I will try to keep this as reasonable as possible. This has been a fun two days.

On late Thursday / early Friday there was an issue between my host provider and who he was getting his service from. Regardless of who was wrong or who was right, his provider decided to terminate service with him and hijacked all the sites my provider had, forcing my site to re-locate under the new guy. I had a discussion with the new guy and was assured that I could take my time and decide on if I wish to stay with him or go back to danp.

Not too long after the discussion, Kuro-RPG went down and stayed down. That convinced me staying with the new guy was not an option. So I had to work with my existing provider and help him get back online. Lucky me, I had access to a zip file containing my entire site backup and the sql databases. I obtained a successful backup of everything, so no content was actually lost.

I have found some issues with the site and have been fixing whatever I come across. The forum will be down for a little while longer while we resolve the issue of connecting the database back to it.

Otherwise, some more money spent, some more downtime, but Kuro-RPG is back.

UPDATE Nix that last comment about the forum. It is back online as well. Thank you to Daniel for making that possible.
Still building a website, I am!
 Working on Two Things.
Posted by Kuro-chan - June 16th, 2011
#1: TNG ranks. Still on the go. I will get back to the forum community when I have enough for a sample. Most of the resources behind the TNG set are rather old, so...

#2: I have been working to re-construct my Information pages in my Ranks section. Each one has to be adjusted and have a sample image attached, so please do not expect anything to happen overnight.

UPDATE: Ok... THIS I have to show off, because this caught me by surprise:


It is the Starship Troopers Wiki. Looks like they have been busy updating their images as well.
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 Adding stuff...
Posted by Kuro-chan - June 14th, 2011
I added a Pips-Only version of the TWOK ranks. They are available for download.
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 A minor re-design.
Posted by Kuro-chan - June 11th, 2011
I was rebuilding my index page, cutting the size of it by over 2/3 by trying to run additional scripts to look for what it is supposed to. If there are any problems, let me know!
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 Stuff Time!
Posted by Kuro-chan - June 9th, 2011
Okie. I posted some more ranks: The TWOK Movie Era set is now online.

1,813 images later...

I am 52 rank images short of 50,000 in my section... ;; ...

Oh yeah... Clickable Link = Good Thing!
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 Attention: Forum Lurkers.
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 30th, 2011
A Movie Era (TWOK) set has been posted on the forum for review/evaluation. Once again, I chose a ridiculously bad colour to use for the backgrounds, one that is very unlikely to be used in an actual SIMM. I will require feedback before finishing that set off.
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 Fun Thank Yous!
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 30th, 2011
Emperor was kind enough to make another donation to the site. The fuel to make ranks is being fed well.
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 Not a fun day.
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 26th, 2011
To summarize it quickly:

- Site was down for a chunk of a day due to problems at the server end. Something to do with a DNS not transferring properly and mine got missed along the way.
- Voyager ranksets were done, but then I found out 95% of them had the wrong alpha channel, so I will have to redo that entire set...
- DS9 Old Version #2 and the New Version both have an error in them. The Provisional Silver Senior Captain Rank (*-o6a) has the wrong pip on it. It shows an Executive Commander (*-05a) in it's place. That has been fixed and the zips have been re-uploaded onto the site.

Definitely not a fun day, plus it's thunder storming here...
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 Ok, I made some changes.
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 24th, 2011
At least that is ONE thing I can do around here. lol

There is a 3rd DS9 Revision set up. I have used it to replace the existing Revision pages, but left open links in the main page in case anyone still wants those.
Still building a website, I am!
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