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 Another Kuro here and another Kuro there...
Posted by Kuro-chan - March 9th, 2011

Still working on re-scripting the whole site. I got about 80% of the files re-uploaded, but the problem right now is re-connecting everything, especially since my provider's php support requires me to modify every php page I have, plus I need to do some serious redesign to accommodate the new layout. (Plus I still have a game I need to help finish designing in time for a demo... hint hint).

For those with accounts already, the login and logout feature works perfectly! Sorry, but Registering does not work yet. I will need to build a page to deal with that eventually. If you want to add ?direct=flash_viewer&id= to your url at the top and choose from 1 to 133, you can watch flash movies again, plus rate and comment on them (New Feature that works with registered users).

Eventually, I plan to put update pages in all the major areas (media, ranks, etc.) and those with more proactive accounts will be able to more easily post updates on them like I can on here.

While Kuro-RPG is a Kuro thing, it's also a community thing, and we need to start "Community-ing" again.
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 Oh my... This has been chaos... >_<
Posted by Kuro-chan - March, 6th, 2011
Kuro-chan here, and I am not even sure where to begin...

Unfortunately, I had so many issues with my providers I had little recourse but to switch. My new one seems to be okay, but I have to convert all my php pages to his format, plus I still need to retrieve all the old data from my previous host.

So, until you hear from me, NOTHING works right now. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter.

Also, I have a game to finish making. A demo of it was supposed to be due tomorrow(Monday), but it looks at though I have one more weekend. That will have to take priority, as things are. I will try to get to this a bit at a time when I can.
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 First stuff of the year!
Posted by Kuro-chan - January 7th, 2011
Kuro-chan here!

I wanna promote two movies which have arrived on the site, helping to expand on our library of flash movies for varying invited artists:

Street Fighter 2: The Satire Edition, Created by Hadouken_Dude. Minor credit to me for a few sprites I did up for it, though I do not wish to steal Hadouken's thunder. (I find thunder hurts my ears... ._.)

Crazy 2: The Crazening, Created by MARKed Man. I always luv his randomness in his movies.

Please enjoy and get the Viewing numbers up on them!
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 Happy Bah Humbug
Posted by Kuro-chan - December 25th, 2010
Not much to report on, it seems. I have been tied down doing work on 2 game projects, so the art and music for that has been fun to make. I was thinking I should throw in a music section for stuff I have been working on... Something to think about, I suppose.
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 Move Around = Successful.
Posted by Kuro-chan - November 3rd, 2010
The moving around did work out, so hopefully everyone who wishes to view the site can do so now.
 More downtime expected in the future.
Posted by Kuro-chan - October 23rd, 2010
Hello. Despite the problems I have been going through in the last several weeks, I am sneaking on long enough to deliver some more news. It appears as though my provider's providers (If that makes sense) is shutting down services within the next three days and everything it being moved elsewhere... As if there has not been enough of that this year.

Sooo... Place good bets that stuff will be down again. I have no info. on how long I will be down for at this point.

As for what is going on me, I am not sure it is safe to say...
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 Um... Back again?
Posted by Kuro-chan - July 19th, 2010
Yeah. Apparently there was some moving around of stuff that none of my host providers knew of... But anyway, we're back in the game again.

With the game demo released, I should get around to seeing what people have been sending me in the way of emails. There are a lot to go through.

And for something random I sprited:
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 Metroid Defense: Demo 1.0
Posted by Kuro-chan - July 15th, 2010
"Metroid Defense is a Metroid-themed 'Maul' Tower Defense Game. Like other tower defense games, the player builds towers to fight off hordes of enemies, but unlike most, the path is not defined - the player makes their own maze out of the towers. Featuring five main tower types and a variety of defensive structures, Metroid Defense has 20 waves in the demo version with 9 separate enemies from the Metroid series appearing."

This game was created and developed by forum member Emperor and myself. He did the coding and inputted the necessary data and files while I did the graphics and helped with concepts, design and balancing. Me likes it. This is the full demo of the game. The planned final version will include an expansion of the basic components this game shows off.

It has been a lot of work getting this done, so I hope you understand why I have not been around much lately.

You can download it Here!

Thanks and enjoy!
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 Hmm... Looks like I was down for a bit.
Posted by Kuro-chan - July 2nd, 2010
But I seem to be back up now.

On another note: I am in the middle of a big project at the moment which requires my skills. It has nothing to do with ranks, but it is graphics-related. The demo is slated to be released on July 15th, so I will be sure to post it here when I can!
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 A few new ranksets.
Posted by Slagar - June 16th, 2010
Hello everyone, just thought I'd post an update now that I've got some rank sets up for your enjoyment. So if you're interested, head over to the Guest Ranks section here and take a gander at some of my work both old and... well, less old!
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