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 Site was down again?!
Posted by Kuro-chan - June 13th, 2010
Yup.It was. A lot of people in North America and even Australia could no longer access the site (Myself included. I had to find a temporary proxy just to post on the forum)Things have changed to remedy the problem, so we are certainly back in the game now!

Fixes and updates have been done to the Links section. Notably, I have included Starbase 400 in the Fleet and Premium sections, replacing the USS Pegasus link.

Anything else, I will try to be around when I can. It is still a tough time for me right now due to the extra "work" being done to me...
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 Another Thank You!
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 31st, 2010
Thank you to Jeff Chan for your contribution to Kuro-RPG. It certainly is appreciated!
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 Thank you!
Posted by Kuro-chan - May 27th, 2010
Thank you to Nicole from the Dragon's Lair for your donation to Kuro-RPG. It is very much appreciated.

I am still owie since I am going through a mountain of procedures for the next while...
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Posted by Kuro-chan - May 11th, 2010
I have not been around for a bit. Last week I pulled my old back injury while on the job and it has been a week of pain for me. Makes it difficult to do anything useful on the site when I cannot concentrate on anything useful.

I figure it will still be a few days before I can do anything useful again. I will try to get to backlogged emails shortly.
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 Me me me!
Posted by Kuro-chan - April 29th, 2010
I have not been around much the last couple weeks. Between personal problems and a couple nasty things online, I took a breather from here to catch up on my own life. Necessary evil at times.

I posted a crucial update on the Information Page. This concerns rankset makers who want to expand their influence into Kuro-RPG. I would suggest it is worth a look.

On the forum there is an added incentive to Sugar Spice's "Ship Design" contest. The 1st-place winner also gets a free 10-image rankset made by me.
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 Before I forget...
Posted by Kuro-chan - April 15th, 2010
Thank you to Gator of Kuro-RPG for another donation to the site. That makes his 8th contribution to the site and the hard work that goes into it.

... Wow.

Thank you!
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 Progress and Cake!
Posted by Kuro-chan - April 8th, 2010
Using the Rankset Submission pages, I managed to get seven of Marriott's sets on the site. It seems to be working so far. So, to my editors, IF you find any problems, let me know ASAP so I can fix it. Also, Kevin Steeper, formerly of should be getting stuff on the site sometime soon.

Thanks to CinC of Royal Sim Fleet for your generous contribution to Kuro-RPG. That now makes 50 donators to the site. Quite impressive, in my opinion.
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 Random Changing Things
Posted by Kuro-chan - March 25th, 2010
... And I am NOT kidding!

For those who are not familiar with some of the more recent Kuro-RPG back story, there has been a generic "Editor" in development for some time to make it easier for people like me to make contributions to the site (such as updates) much more quickly. With old-fashioned HTML, it took a lot of work to copy, paste and re-work boxes so that I could note that there was change to the site. Today, with my hand-made editor, I can easily post an update on the site in 30 seconds. Hooray for learning strange new things!

The most recent add-on to this Editor is a Rankset Submission page for Guest Artists.

Yes, you heard me right.

Kuro-RPG is trying to expand it's Non-Kuro artwork big time, by recruiting many of the best rankset makers out there. For starters, I am opening up the invitation to those with past guest submissions to Kuro-RPG and to some members of the forum who have been very active in putting up superior quality work there. I will also open this up to:
- Steve Marriott, formerly of RPG-Insignias.
- Kevin Steeper, formerly of
- Brian Minosh, associated with Bravo Fleet

I am fully aware that once upon a time ago they were competitors, but times change and I can no longer locate any of their websites. I would hate to see their work disappear along with them, so...

To contact me, refer to this page please. It's my Contact page (and from the emails I have seen, it does seem to work).

I have also made little changes to both the Guest Rankset and Flash Movie pages.

Flash Movie artists received a "No. of Movies" add-on to their main listing and each movie has a viewer listing added. Unfortunately, the numbers are a bit low right now, (some movies have been on here for almost as long as the site itself has been online) so if you want to help pitch in and get those numbers way up, there is something like 130 movies on here to watch.

The Guest Rankset pages have been split into two sections. One is the old setup with all the guest work still there. The other is the new page in development. Once everything off the old set is transferred over, it will be taken down, putting the last page of the old Kuro-RPG site to rest.

Anything else... I will sure to message you... or you message me... mwah ha ha...

Ranks for all!
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 DOWN TIME?!?!?!
Posted by Kuro-chan - March 21st, 2010
Hello everyone.

Yes, Kuro-RPG has been down for the last couple of days. It had to do with a crash that related to a PHP update on the server end of things. It knocked out everyone affiliated with my host provider. (Including his own site)

Anyhow, I am back up and with a mountain of ideas and things to work on around here.

Time to get crackin'!
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 More Flash Movies here!!!
Posted by Kuro-chan - March 16th, 2010
I have managed to obtain permission to host ~kupo707's work. He is most famous for the "Attack of the Black Mages" series he made.

The link to the most recent (and probably the best animated in my opinion) can be found here.

Anyhow, please feel free to take a peek at his stuff. The more you peak, the more you will enjoy it, for certain!
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