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 Another Forum Administrator has become more apparent! =)
Posted by Kuro-chan - February 9th, 2010
Hello everyone. Evil me again with more evil comments... Evil much?

Not only do I have a fun excuse to play with my update page that uses a new format for dates, but I also get to present our wonderful forum admin. who likes to operate in the shadows, but I prefer that she got her sunlight as well.

Trekkiemelissa of Kuro-RPG Forums, who has for a long time been a great administrator at the forum, now has access to the update section too. This gives her a chance to plug in essential information to our wonderful support group: Everyone who visits the site.So if you see this image avatar, you will know it is "Serious" time.

See you all later. =)
I is less sicky than last week, for sure.
 Did you notice something new?
Posted by Twan - February 9th, 2010

Did anybody notice something new on the forum? Kuro hooked us up with the new rankset for the forums, he's been working hard (under my guidance) on the final revisions of the ranks. I hope you like them because you have no choice .
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 Made yet another oops...
Posted by Kuro-chan - February 7th, 2010
Thanks to forum member Rycon for his catch with the TMP .zip file locations. Looks like most of them were mixed up. They should be fixed and working properly working now.
I iz sick still...
 Waaah, I has email!
Posted by Twan - February 7th, 2010
So, like, hi!I

Finally figured out how to work this thing, sort of. So here's my first actual update as updated by, yes, moi .

This actually is just to say that you can now officially annoy me via the Kuro-RPG mail address .
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 Very sicky...
Posted by Kuro-chan - February 3rd, 2010
Hi hi.

I am sick right now and it has been a pain trying to get better. I am not working on anything until I get better.

I know there are messages and stuff waiting for me. I will check on them when I get back online.

Take care for now.
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 Oh, it's a title alright...
Posted by Kuro-chan - I has me a new website!
Yay! I got Update #200!A new "Contact" page has been put up on the site to replace the old email system. Both mine and Heyallo's emails are up, and if Twan gets a hold of me, I could put one up for him as well... I also threw in an anti-spam question in the hopes of reducing bot spam. Yay. =)Today I will be working on a means for flash artists to submit their own work on here without having to bug me about it. The flash artist pages could appear a bit sporadic until it is taken care of.Until later.
More updates...
 Me again!
Posted by Kuro-chan - January 17th, 2010
At least, I think so.

2 new sets have been added to the site today, both of them related to the Trek #11 movie and both of them without any kind of fade to them. A 2230's and 2250's set have both been added on, bringing the total no. of ranks added to Kuro-RPG to 180 images.

Anything else, well, this site is always under construction anyway, so...
I has me a new website!
 Some stuff by me.
Posted by Kuro-chan - January 11th, 2010
Okay. Some of you may have had trouble trying to access to site yesterday. That was due to some behind the scenes stuff I was working on and somehow I ended up accidentally password-protecting the whole site. My bad. That has been taken care of.

Also, Heyallo is trying to get his "Signature Button" contest going. This requires forum registration to participate in.

I has me a new website!
 Happy Belated New Year?
Posted by Kuro-chan - January 3rd, 2010
The TOS set is up on the website now. It includes no fade effect, 894 images, and a wide variety of background and rank styles. Yay!

Update: A brand spanking new TMP rankset is also up. This covers shoulder and sleeve ranks, and is almost 300 images in size.

I has me a new website!
 If I had a hammer...
Posted by Kuro-chan - December 30th, 2009
Okay, worked out a LOT of bugs and problems in the Rankset page. Bad links were fixed, buttons were replaced, one bad link stuff left untouched because the zip file it is supposed to link to is not up yet, so... But that was fixed in a future update too!
I has me a new website!
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