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 I take over again!
Posted by Kuro-chan - August 31st, 2009
Three revised sets have now been posted on the site. These have all been enhanced, re-worked, and given alpha channels (for those who ask, it means they will properly blend with any background color. The following revised sets are:

- Full Metal Alchemist
- Full Metal Panic
- Hanaukyo Maid Tai

Thank you to Stefan Nikolaus for another generous contribution to Kuro-RPG. This marks his third donation to the site and to me.

It's time to kick ranks and chew Kuro-gum! ...I hope I don't run out of Kuro!
 TODAY! More Ranks of AWESOME!
Posted by Heyallo - August 23rd, 2009
The first is a custom version of the Star Trek XI ranks. There is a uniform difference ladies and gentlemen between non-commissioned and commissioned officers. This also makes the Ensign uniform distinctive =p. Check it out HERE

The second set is the awesome 2400 Series (Now with Alpha Channels)!!! This set has been in the works for a little while now and is finally complete.

Excuse me for a quick second. *does a little dance* Ok where was I.... Oh Yes! I ninja'd your news post Kuro-chan. I win.

*throws down a smoke pellet and disappears*

~I am a leaf on the wind, watch how I soar~
 Pushing Twan down... Pushing Twan down...
Posted by Kuro-chan! Hehe... - August 20th, 2009
For fun, I decided to add a minor project on the sidebar. It's called the "Token Places" project to see where the Kuro-chan can land in sites/fleets/SIMMs that do not mind having me there in a token position, something that I am not required to actively participate in. I have one signup so far. We will see how the rest go.
 What the-- Since when did Twan...?!
Posted by Master Chief Petty Officer Twan. :) - August 17th, 2009
Because Kuro's PC is on the fritz I get the honor to write this little part, yay . So anyhow, Wisper's request colors, blue and purple are now added to the Star Trek: Online set. That makes the rank count up to 328 striking images, of which only 16 carry no pip on them. So give Kuro-dono a round of applause and a cookie for an awesome addition to his already great rank set.

Kuro note: The PC is not on the fritz, "Mekuro" is on the fritz, as in I am. Heh.

Twan Counter-note: Ah well, it's hard to seperate you two

Another note: Thanks to Eliana Tamerin for noticing an error in this post.

 Some stuff... and more stuff...
Posted by Kuro-chan - August 16th, 2009
The Star Trek Online set has been posted. To make room for the growing difference between "Black Background" sets and "With Alpha Channels" sets, I split up the Trek page.

If you want a direct link to the page, just click HERE!

A couple little changes here and there to the site as well. A few things got toyed with in the Links section, for instance.

An additional note: THANK YOU to Cris Carter of the 3rd Fleet for donating to Kuro-RPG in anticipation for the STO rankset. Thank you!

 17 minutes to spare... until midnight.
Posted by Ku- *yaaawn* -ro-chan - August 8th, 2009
A small set I never expected to be completed was just finished. The rankset to the "Star Trek 11" movie is up and on Kuro-RPG. Now bear in mind I have not watched the movie, so I refuse to guarantee any sort of accuracy whatsoever. I had to go with whatever few screencaps I could find.

If you want a direct link to the page, just click HERE!

Now... it's bedtime for me. Night night.

 *pant... pant... pant*
Posted by Zzz... Kuro-chan. - August 3rd, 2009
The largest... *pant* ...longest... *pant* ...biggest use of my available webspace... *pant* ...exceeding all else by 1000 images... IS UP! Alternate Style #1 Revised is finished and available for download. I put up 2 zips for it, a basic set which has the red, yellow and teal collars, and the complete set which has all 26 colours... and exceeds over 30MB in size. ...And before you ask, Yes those 26 colours WERE requested...

If you want a direct link to the page, just click HERE!

 And this title says too!
Posted by Mekuro-chan. - July 31st, 2009
The Alternate Style #1 Remake is progressing along smoothly. With all my DS9-era ranks revised and remade, I started working on the backgrounds. A small sample was posted on the forum for those who have an account and would like to take a look.

I found something while doing a little more Claymore emblem research. I found a non-canon (doujinshi / fan comic) suggestion for Luciela's emblem and applied it to the set I made. So it ended up with 3 more ranks (1 for each color).

A hearty thank you to "Emperor" from Metroid Headquarters for your donation. For those who do not know, I spent a good couple weeks working on a set for their forum, creating a series of small, medium and large video game sprites to be used in their rank buttons.

 Yeah, what the title says!
Posted by 'Za Kuro-chan. - July 29th, 2009
There is a project on the go... And with the pips I have done up so far, it is turning to be rather large. If anyone has noticed on the forums, multiple members have joined together to push me into making a new Alternate Style #1 that uses a new background, new pips and alpha channels so they will work with any color background, not just black. So far, all the navy pips are complete, which leaves the marine pips and the background designs. It IS progressing though!

Also, thank you to forum Admin. Heyallo for the additional "push" via donation to get this project done! He helped me get out of my rut!

 More Donations = Happier Kuro
Posted by Feel'a better Kuro-chan. - July 26th, 2009
Thank you AGAIN to Stefan Nikolaus for a second donation to Kuro-RPG. Stefan, this also puts you in the "Top Ten" Donators. Congratulations!

A couple changes were made to the forum as well. We put up strict rules concerning "Advertisements" in the forum that do not belong in other sections, like Gaming, or Community, or talking about Ranksets, etc. As a result as well, I promoted my three active Global Mods and made them all into Administrators. Congratulations to Trekkieandrea, Heyallo and Twan. Enjoy your newfound power while you secretly plot to overthrow me. (Twan blew your cover already. Sorry, Guys. )

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